Anyone got "shortlisted"/ still haven't heard back from HKU/HKUST/CUHK?

I submitted my application to HKU, HKUST, and CUHK in November, and the only update I’ve gotten from them so far was an email from HKU telling me that they have “shortlisted my files for further evaluation.” Does that mean I was waitlisted? I’ve seen others getting offers already, and I don’t know what my chances are. Do I still have a chance? No interview invitations received yet.

AP student, 1490 sat, 8/6/8 essay, AP: 5/5/5/5/5/5/4/4/4, SAT subject test 800 in math, 770 in Physics, 770 in Chemistry, 4.5 GPA.

I am an applicant from China.

Hello did you get an offer?

I believe you will gain admission from HKU given your good standardised test results.