Anyone gotten a booster shot?

that was not the new varient boosters or was it?

Nope. That was the last “regular” booster. We are still not 4 months out from that experience, so we will let the folks who need the new booster get them before getting ours.

I got the new bivalent this week. first time i had much of a reaction–chills, achy, nauseous, very tired, for about 24 hours (chills were only the first night).

This was my fifth, Moderna as all of mine have been. My H, D, SIL, and sister have all gotten it in the last week or so. Hoping to get through the holidays unscathed.

Using the term someone used upthread, we are all Novids, and hoping to stay that way.


Husband got new booster Pfizer and flu shot yesterday. He ignored my advice not to get them at the same time, although he’s never had a flu shot reaction and his Covid shot reactions - all Moderna - have only been sore arms. Last night he had chills and to quote him “a rough night” and I could tell he felt pretty bad this morning since he did listen to my advice to take the day off from work for once.

Got the Moderna booster this week (my fourth Moderna shot) and experienced achiness and chills within the first 24hrs. After a good night’s sleep plus acetaminophen, I feel right as rain.

I had my flu shot and the Moderna bivalent booster yesterday.

Both arms are a little sore. I’m a little tired but I haven’t slept enough the past few nights for unrelated reasons.

H and D are both finally mostly better after our Monday Moderna bivalent booster (PPPM, now new M). I’ve always been fine and the site of the injection barely hurt at all. Was slightly tired for the 2 days after injection.

I haven’t heard any recommendations not to get a flu shot and a booster shot at the same time. DH and I had no problems doing it.

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I had a Pfizer booster about 10 days ago. No side effects, not even a sore arm. I am now J&J/Moderna/Pfizer. Spouse had Pfizer booster after previously having Moderna, and also had a flu shot at the same time. Experienced sore arm, chills, and swollen lymph notes near underarm that lasted for a week. Spouse will not get booster and flu shot at the same time again.


correct. It does not appear to be any negatives to getting the flu vac and the bivalent vax at the same time. But the feds’ recommendation to do both at the same time is not based on any clinical upside, but rather a concern that folks will not come back later for the other shot.

Since vaccines wane over time, I prefer to get teh flu shot in mid-October, so it remains stronger in Feb. But then I’m in SoCal where flu is extremely rare in fall. (Plus, I get an extra discount shopping coupon for the extra visit.)


I’m making friends with our target/cvs pharmacists. Shingles last Wednesday. Omicron booster for me and H last night. This was our first Pfizer shot. Last Moderna booster was almost exactly 11 months ago. No covid that we know of.

We got it at 7pm and when I got up at 4am my shoulder didn’t hurt, so I ran a gentle 11-12 miles as usual. By the end, it hurt. So after breakfast I took Advil and settled down for my usual nap. It doesn’t hurt much now and i feel ok, but my heart rate is elevated. Last booster for 3 days or so, I’d have headaches/bodyaches unless I was on Tylenol. On Tylenol I felt perfect.

H of course seems to have no side effects. He had a slightly sore arm with the first shot and that’s it. Grumble.

I want to put off flu until late October if possible. I did it mid October last year and got the flu late April. I’m sure the late flu season didn’t help. Ours is usually Jan-first week of March. But I also may update tetnus then too. We shall see.

I am trying to figure out my timing for my booster, flu, and :scream: pneumvax; seems I forgot I turned 65 until my physical last week! I need to do them all at different times due to no nodes in one arm due to cancer 35 years ago. Luckily I have already had Shringrix and tetanus, so hopefully just 3 vaccines this fall.

Exactly. It’s a public health consideration that they say to get at the same time. For people (like me) that have the resources to easily return and the absolute determination to do so, it’s better to wait til mid to late October unless flu transmission starts picking up. I do monitor that.

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Yes. I tried to tell my parents to wait on their flu vaccine until the end of October so that its “strength” lasts longer into January and February, but their senior residence community scheduled everyone to get them last week and they didn’t want to go through the bother of not doing it and then having to go to a different appointment, when these were all downstairs in the lobby.

They did ask me to find Covid boosters for them though, as they don’t have those scheduled at their residence (yet, presumably - as they have a 98% vax rate) - and there weren’t any in their major city, so I booked them next week by their vacation home, an hour away.

I’m planning on flu vaccines for my S23 and I at the end of October. He’ll have his booster next Saturday (10 months since his first), and I’m waiting until mid November for mine since I had a second booster in mid July.

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Just had my 3rd booster this afternoon - hoping I don’t get sick. I’ve had 5 shots so far and 4 out of 5 made me pretty sick. I had Covid before the shots were available and wasn’t sick (I know I was lucky).

How are you doing @threeofthree? I had the bivalent booster on Thursday afternoon- and lost Friday & Saturday completely, sleeping and feeling pretty wretched with typical reaction symptoms. Those let up on Sunday, but still no energy to get up. Today is looking better-just feeling wrung out! only tiny bright spot is that I finally lost those last 5 pounds…

Wow. I took advil for my sore arm and in anticipation of feeling bad roughly 12 hours after my Friday night booster. Once it wore off, I felt nothing. Sunday morning, my resting HR was about 10 beats higher than normal, but otherwise I felt great. I did have more typical reactions to the first 3. But I did get Pfizer this time vs Moderna for the first 3.

I had the Moderna bivalent booster last Wednesday. Slightly sore arm and a little fatigue on Thursday but that was all. MMPMM

I had the bivalent Pfizer last week and can not shake the shoulder pain that has developed. It’s hard to think it is not related to the vax. Ugh

I had the bivalent Moderna booster yesterday, so I’m about 24 hours after injection at the moment. Slightly sore arm but otherwise nothing. I’m guessing that other side effects would have cropped up by now, if I am to have any. Fingers crossed that I’m past that point.