AP Computer Science

<p>Did anyone do the GridWorld yet? What is it about? Is it hard?</p>

<p>Our class was introduced to it before Winter Break. It wasn't that difficult, but then again, we only briefly looked at it. </p>

<p>But, my teacher said that it is beneficial to be at least vaguely familiar with it before delving into it deeply. So it may be in your interest to look at it a little bit before April / May.</p>

<p>I've started to touch on it on my online course. It is just a way to see and do OOP and interfaces. It isn't hard since you are given the codes for each Actor on the AP Exam and what each of their methods do, and so on. It isn't difficult, but as long as you know what each Actor does and how to write your own codes to create and override methods given, you can do one of the FRQs. The multiple choice is usually 4 or 5 of the 40 questions that just asks you what will happen if this code is ran a certain number of times.</p>

<p>Personal recommendation: do the exercises in the college board's grid world manual, but if you want to be able to blow any grid world question out of the water, I recommend really getting creative. For example, I created a creature called a "Plush" that acts by duplicating itself and changing its color. If you have a limited board size then once the whole board is occupied it just flashes brightly in a near seizure-inducing way. I think that's where the real artistic fun comes into gridworld, and with it, the real learning as well. I may have gone overboard here, but I ended up with a 5 and a solid understanding of how the gridworld case study worked. :-)</p>

<p>Just started gridworld, so far it's easy. Were just editing parts of the boxbug class not too deep in tho.</p>

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<p>GridWorld is really easy, just imagine yourself being whatever it is.</p>

<p>Hmm our class hasn't started GridWorld yet</p>