Application for Adelphi University accelerated dental program with NYU

Does anyone have any lessons learned to share from their application and interview process for Adelphi University accelerated degree program?

Hi nnel456 and happy new year! My daughter applied but we didn’t hear anything yet. From the previous posts I underhand it’s a rolling admission and I’m not sure if they are any kids who are still getting interviews. We feel a bit pessimistic here! In case you got an interview… all the best !!! Good luck!!

I received my interview offer last Friday and I’m really hoping I get in… The interview is via Skype for 30 mins I hope we all get good results :smile:

Hi my daughter has just received an interview invite for the Adelphi + NYU dental program and I was wondering if you could share your experience with us :slight_smile: Do you remember what was asked in the interview? It seems to be hard to find the relevant information :frowning:

So sorry for the late reply :sweat: For the interview questions, I barely remember them because it was so long ago. I remember it was basic questions like “why did you apply to this program?” “why dentistry?” and “which activities did you like the most during high school?” Unfortunately, I was waitlisted and couldn’t get in. Again, sorry for not being much of help. I hope your daughter did well.