Application statistics

Has UNC released application statistics for Early Action? I know at UGA applications were up almost 30 percent and half were submitted without test scores. I was wondering if UNC had announced the number of EA applications they received and how it compares to years past. My son is OOS and it is a reach so looking for some hope!

Hi, I am an instate senior and I am wondering the same. Do they usually publish their EA stats?

@VirginiaBelle That is an incredible statistic for UGA. My D21 also applied as a reach, we are OOS as well, and I heard a theory that any school which did not feel the need to move their EA deadline had no problem hitting their numbers for applications. We know it is a long shot, but whoever thought we’d be living through a pandemic, so clearly anything can happen! Good luck!

It was actually 28% more applications. EA. This is also UGA’s first year on the common app so sure that had an effect. We will see if the new applications are people that would have applied regular decision but decided to apply on the common app or if it is a true increase. Florida on the other hand went down by about 25% because they were requiring test scores. We need all the help we can get at UNC ? so was wondering which camp they fell into.

Here is some info about UNC EA apps:

@nanosec I saw that. Thank you. Definitely a reach every year out of state! My son has strong stats with high rigor so hope his stats are good enough to at least get a full review. Chances probably better at UVA as he is a legacy there but I think he likes UNC better, of course?.

Funny - our kids might end up at school together - they sound very similar. Mine’s a legacy at UNC but I think chances will still be better at UVA. Both are so competitive OOS. Hoping to hear some good news from UGA Friday to take some of the pressure off.

UNC legacies have a lot of luck at our high school- non legacies don’t?. Wishing your child the best of luck!