Applications way down at FL State U's

I’m wondering if we will see a LOT more summer acceptances this year. Maybe kids with strong GPA’s but lower SAT/ACT scores. Do the summer numbers count towards the US News Rankings or is it just fall? Wondering how not going test optional will effect rankings and acceptances.

That’s an interesting article, though I find it very hard to believe that a significant number of Florida HS students are going to pay to attend private universities or OOS publics. I suspect applications will be submitted later as they are able to take the tests. Also might have a lot of students thinking about gap years.

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Except at UF, they only have one real application deadline, and it has already passed. According to their website, “Applications received after November 16 are accepted on a space-available basis, which is extremely limited.”
Maybe that space won’t be as limited this year?

I’m real interested in seeing what their final application numbers were. An article from a couple of weeks ago in the Gainesville Sun said they were down 24% from last year, although it wasn’t clear whether that was compared to a similar time out from the deadline or against the total submitted in 2019. Presumably a bunch come in over the last week.

I have a vested interest as my DD is has applied or Class of 2025.

Interesting article; thanks for sharing. OOS daughter has applied to UF and FSU. Wish we didn’t have to wait until February for a decision!

Any updated numbers on applications now that deadlines have past. Ive been looking but can’t find any updates to FSU. Another board stating 12000 UF apps with no test scores but there is a few days left to request them, December 15th deadline

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My D applied to FSU as well and I am wondering why the decision is not until February. Any ideas? Do they provide both admit/honors college/scholarship information at the same time?

Just stumbled on this article: UF reports higher freshman applications after grim projections
Big takeaways are UF’s application volumes are up, but others are down.

I think the reason they are down is because some kids didn’t bother applying if they had no scores to submit. Meanwhile applications are up at many other universities at other states.

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@kdzmom. I saw that after I posted this. At a recent UF Board of Trustees meeting on 12/3, UF’s VP of Enrollment said that 12,000 applications didn’t have test scores. If they don’t request to have scores sent by 12/15, I assume they will not be reviewed for admission.

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Since many kids don’t have scores, they just chose to apply where they could apply without scores and not have to worry about October/November cancellations.
Many states and many private universities that usually require test scores have made it work and will welcome the many FL applicants. Some even make Bright Futures portable.

@MYOS1634 Curious what out of state schools will take Bright Futures?

@1Lotus UF and FSU have always released decisions in late Jan early Feb, usually one week apart. Neither school has a true EA.

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Usually indicated on the FA website - in Alabama and Georgia

Yes, I know GA, my daughter just got an email that UGA gave her a scholarship. Not sure of amount, she hasn’t logged on.

What does FA mean? Sorry newbie here.

FA = Financial Aid, sorry :slight_smile: