Applying as International Student to Australia Univ

My family and I might be moving to Australia this upcoming year, so I was wondering how I would go about applying as an international student (U.S) to a university in Australia?

When are the deadlines? Should I start applying now like for the universities in the U.S?.. How is it different applying as an intl. student to Australia ?


the deadlines for VTAC and UAC have already passed D: or maybe that is only for my country. each region of AUS has a separate application system i.e. VTAC, UAC

@Marcelleparcelle Can you explain what VTAC and UAC are?

the common app of Australia- these two just happen to be the ones i applied for, there are others

Your SAT score doesn’t have to be as high to get into the top Australian universities (e.g. a SAT 2000 guarantees you a spot in most courses) and the admission officers don’t really care about your extracurricular activities unless you’re applying for scholarships. The admission process is relatively easier and they only care about your grades.

You get the typical timeline is different, yes? most first years start in January / February, after the summer break.

Thanks everybody for the replies. This helped me alot :slight_smile: