Applying to Oxford, do I have everything?

The Oxford application will be due in 5 days, as I am American, I am less familiar with the process, so please let me know if I am missing anything/did something wrong.

I applied via as an independent student from the USA, I have submitted my SATs and my APs, I have selected 5 universities, and I have written my personal statement. My teacher is writing my LoR and will be done before the deadline. As I am applying for biology, there are no entrance exams or written work. I have filled out my personal details, student finance and everything else. The only confusing part about the application was the first date of entry question, I did not know what to put as I do not know when I will enter the UK.

If any of you could also read over my PS I’d be super thankful, just email me at

Assuming you are in the US now, your Date of Entry is when you think you will first enter the UK to stay. Sept 1, 2021 will do fine- they are only looking for an indicative date.

What are the other 4 courses you have applied to?

Good luck! come back & tell us how you get on.

Thanks so much for the answer, I posted on here before and your advice before really helped! I’m also applying to durham, UCL, Imperial, and edinburgh

Good luck!

It sounds like you are all set, did your research well, and hopefully will hear soon about an interview. :smile: Keep us posted.