Applying with fee waiver

<p>any intermationals doing it ? Does it hurt the admission process? I know with my paltry family earnings, i would qualify for it.</p>

<p>Requesting a fee waiver won't hurt your chances, but the amount of financial aid you would need to attend (if a $50 application fee poses such a huge burden for your family) most definitely will.</p>

<p>I applied for a fee waiver at Yale early.</p>

<p>Also, look at this blog of Nance, from MIT:
MIT</a> Admissions | Blog Entry: "Does MIT Offer Application Fee Waivers?"</p>

<p>Read the posts because they also talk about the internationals asking for fee waivers.</p>

<p>I guess he asked that he needs a hefty amount of aid anyway, so what difference could a fee waiver make</p>

<p>b@r!um: $50 might not be a problem for people but if one apllies to 4-5 that becomes almost $300. Now that might be something.</p>

<p>what about 8-10, that is a lot in some countries</p>

<p>Other internationals in this thread applying with waiver? Anyone admitted who
applyed with waiver?</p>

<p>well.. I am applying with a fee waiver everywhere except MIT and Princeton..</p>

<p>and its MIT and Princeton that encourage you to use fee waivers...</p>

<p>Let me clear what Barium meant to say, she was referring to the ''Financial aid'' which affects your chances, not the fee waiver...
Fee Waiver will NEVER affect your chances, although the financial aid you will ask for may affect you chances depending upon the college you are applying to..</p>

<p>Are you completely sure a fee waiver will not affect your chances? I know it is not supposed to, but sometimes I doubt.</p>

<p>Thanks issac ;)</p>

<p>I guess it's another one of those closed door mystery..</p>

<p>It's not a mystery in any's crystal clear..
Angel: I am sure about certain things..
Barium: You are welcome..:D..</p>

<p>can you still apply for fee waivers if you paid for the sat-how do you apply for fee waiver?</p>

<p>International students have to ask each college individually for a fee waiver.</p>

<p>Fee waivers provided by the Collegeboard (for the SAT and application fees) are generally not available to international students.</p>

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i am a citizen but live in india, so i can't ask my counsellor to give me the fee waiver application, thats why i am confused,
btw- i lived in germany for two years!</p>

<p>Sorry, I didn't know you are a US citizen. In the International Student forum it's usually safe to assume that one is talking to international students :)</p>

<p>If the fee waiver request form is all you need, here you go:
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>If you cannot or don't want to use that form, just type your own waiver request letter (have it signed by your counselor and provide a reason for requesting a fee waiver) and submit it along with your application.</p>

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