Are we sure VT doesn't take into account demonstrated interest?

My S21 visited when he was a sophomore and it’s still at the top of his list. He hasn’t done any virtual sessions since then b/c he learned so much during his visit back in Spring 2019. I was wondering if he should do a virtual session this fall? He’s super busy now but could do one in Nov. Doesn’t hurt, right?

He’s OOS, engineering, 31, 4.0 UW, 10 APS, good ECs and leadership but nothing extraordinary, if anyone wants to chance him! He should have good essays too – he’s a strong writer.

I think his ACT would be higher in a normal year but like most everyone he had lots of cancelled tests.

I would take them at their word re: what they list on their common data set. I believe they moved “demonstrated interest” to the not-considered category after admissions the cycle for class of 2022.

Applying ED probably does as good a job as anything else re: demonstrating interest. Being OOS will be a benefit.

I have been encouraging DD to demonstrate interest in all the colleges under consideration. Doing so will help her determine the best fit and help her answer the “why us” question. With everything virtual now, it has never been easier. The virtual tours we have watched have had more than one tour guide, so there are multiple impressions, multiple viewpoints, multiple examples of the kinds of students the college is showcasing.

Thanks for these responses!

My S has a lot of apps due on 11/1. I’ll suggest he sign up for at least one VT info session – will be good to refresh his memory if nothing else.

@AlmostThere2018 If he has strong AP scores, particularly for calculus, I would send those too. Engineering is extremely competitive, and I’ve been told they look closely at math scores as well as grades in calculus and physics.

@rbc2018 – alas, he’s taking both Calc and Physics this semester. Fort., he’s getting As in both and his Calc teacher is writing one of his recs. (Actually, I think he has a high B in Physics but he feels like he’ll bring it up to an A – he had a bad first test.)

Does VT ask for mid-year grades in Jan for EA applicants? I would think the might help my S and I know VT is on the late side for making EA decisions.

@AlmostThere2018 Unless something has changed for this year’s application process, VT stopped taking letters of recommendation a couple admission cycles ago. I don’t recall seeing anyone mention mid-year result requests happening in prior EA threads. It’s pretty much what you report when you apply that they go by.