Art and Writing Contests similar to Scholastic

Hi guys,

So I’m gonna be a rising senior this year and want to see if I can squeeze another art or writing award for my application. The Scholastic one unfortunately won’t be announced in time. If you guys know of any that are similar that would be great. Also if they have cartoon/political cartoon/comic divisions that would be amazing. Thanks guys!

Check out the National PTA’s Reflections Arts Contest. There are 6 categories which include a visual arts and a writing category. There are several levels of winning - your school level, your school’s district level, your state level, and then the national level. You might not find out if you’re a national winner, but depending on your state, you should know if you won your school and district level by most colleges RD. What state are you in? I’m the chair in our area, I might be able to find out dates for you. Good luck!

YoungArts, but I’m not sure that would be announced in time either.

Thanks so much! I’m in Illinois, I’ll definitely check it out

Yeah I saw that one I think they said December so I’ll probably submit there too