Australia National University

Hey guys, CuriousBoutCollege here.
I was wondering, as college application loom over my head, how good is Australia National University?
How expensive is it for international students?
Are any scholarships available to them? (International Students)
How good are the scores that I have right now (ACT: 34 / GPA: 4.2 )?
Does ANU provide a good pre-med / med program?
Are there any other good universities in Australia?

Thanks for the info guys

All you need to know about studying medicine in Australia:

Hey there! I honestly have never heard of Australia National University… but turns out its part of the group of eight in Australia. The go8 - group of eight, consists of the 8 best universities in Australia. They are:
The University of Adelaide
The Australian National University
The University of Melbourne
Monash University
The University of New South Wales
The University of Queensland
The University of Sydney
The University of Western Australia

With your GPA (impressive!) you will no doubt be accepted into one of the group of eight and if ANU has sparked your interest, then go for it. I go to Monash University in Melbourne and sorry, but Canberra kind of sucks. There’s nothing to do there and depending on your degree and interests the only close academic thing is Parliament house. If you only want academics though then ANU might be the best for you. I’ve heard that University of Sydney and I know that University of Melbourne are prestigious, but it’s really pompous and quite eccentric for my liking. Monash isn’t too expensive for international students - my good friends are from NZ and Fiji, living on campus, and i think its roughly $12,000 AUD a year. If you’re moving here permanently you’ll get a HECS debt if you can’t pay upfront - you pay it when you get a job earning over $50,000. Otherwise if your parents are willing to pay like i know they do in American college then you can do that too. I don’t know how much fees are, i have a HECS debt. And yeah, you can 100% apply for a scholarship. I know no one with a 4.2 GPA - thats actually incredible. Someone will take you in. As for what you call ‘pre-med’, we have biomed, which you do before medicine. two of my friends are doing biomed-they enjoy it.

Thank you for the great adv!