Australian --> America (1 year exchange during year 12) Won't get my ATAR instead SAT? Can I still

My goal has always been to study at an American college.

I have just entered year 11 and I’m looking to do an exchange for one year. This will help me in admissions since I will be able to do APs, write my applications the same time as everyone, and everything will just be better. I love the US high school system and I’ve always been fascinated. I will only be a teenager once and I really want to do it.

However, if I go I won’t get an ATAR, and maybe not even a WACE since I’ll miss out on exams and wouldn’t even be able to study for the topics.

My question is, will I still be able to apply to Australian uni’s with an SAT score and when I apply to American colleges will I be considered as an international student still?

What do you guys recommend?

I heard of some people doing the same thing and they got a 2135 SAT equiv to like a 98 ATAR and got straight into their course. Getting a high SAT is much much much easier than ATAR.

  1. Check with Australian universities now to find out what you would need to qualify for admission if you miss the national tests. There must be alternate pathways since international students are admitted without those tests.
  2. You will still be an international student when applying to US universities.

I’d really discourage the idea of studying abroad for a year in America, I think you’re underestimating how much effort you’ll have to invest in to preparing to take SATs and ACTs, that’s not even considering the fact from switching from the Australian schooling system to the American ones.

The Australians who do get admitted in to American universities begin preparing for this from Year 9 or even earlier, some don’t even get in because their extracurriculars are extremely limited.

Your best bet is to just get your ATAR and study undergrad in Australia and then postgrad in America which I’d probably plan on doing. I’d imagine you’d be pretty fucked if you don’t get an ATAR and try to attempt to still attend university, you’d probably have to take 2 years off then apply as a mature-aged student…

I’ve already done the SAT though. And I got a really high mark. But I want to sit the new one. From memory I got aroun a 2350.

And I don’t want to do postgrad because there is no point since I’m going to PR in fashion. Which is why I need to go to America! Because a career in fashion pr really can only exist in nyc. I love America, and to be honest, my mindset really just doesn’t fit in Australia. I don’t like Australia.

Someone also told me that since I have an SAT mark and I will be graduating with an American High School diploma, then I have still graduated high school and can apply to Australian universities

If you do 12th grade in the US and take AP classes, you won’t have AP scores for your university applications. In addition, reference letters are a major part of the application and you won’t be able to get good ones from 12th grade teachers because they won’t know you well. US students start working on their applications in 11th grade. I think you’ll put yourself at a disadvantage for US universities by doing 12th grade in the US rather than Australia.

That’s a pretty good SAT score, anyway there’s more than NYC to work in PR in fashion. The fashion industry is big in many cities in Europe and Asia(Japan)…

Good luck regardless!

Do not come to the US for one year of HS just to get into college here. It would be better for you to apply from Australia with a full Australian HS program. Colleges and universities here do not expect international applicants to have AP scores. They expect those applicants to have completed a strong program in their own countries.

Your SAT is good enough. You don’t need to retake it.

Typically, if you do one exchange year in the US, you go back to your country and continue as you did before. IE, regardless of what you did in the US, you return to grade 12 in Australia.