Australian grade and GPA

Hi! I’m an Australian student applying for colleges and universities in the US and I wondered if anyone knew how to convert Australian grades to GPA? My school doesn’t use GPA nor does it use class rankings and I’m not too sure how to calculate my GPA… How would US institutions calculate my GPA? Thank you

You don’t convert your GPA unless the college tells you to. And in that rare instance, they will tell you how to do it.

We live overseas as well and have a child applying to US colleges for autumn 2021. One school we looked at was using the “NCAA Eligibility Center 2020-21 Guide to International Academic Standards for Athletics Eligibility” to convert international grades to US GPA equivalent.

The guide is over 400 pages long and has a listing for almost every country. Australia is further broken down by state/territory so you can see how your region might be evaluated. The guide is very thorough although perhaps doesn’t take into consideration tougher grading in some countries.

You can look up the NCAA guide online and see how the info compares to grades at your school. Good luck with admissions!

BTW @skieurope is correct - you shouldn’t do the GPA conversion yourself unless the college asks you to (which would be unusual).

The above information about the NCAA Guide is just so you can see one way that they might do a conversion. It was not intended for you to do the conversion yourself!