B.S./DMD/DDS programs?

<p>Hey, I'm just wondering if anyone knew of some solid dental programs around. I've been googling around but these seem so much harder to find than BS/MD programs. I've heard of the big ones like UPenn and Lehigh but I'm looking for something that I will at least have a small chance to get admitted into</p>

<p>I have a 33 ACT, 2100 SAT
3.67 GPA UW, 3.75 W (i have academic rigor, taken 7 ap's total but our schools gpas are deflated)
ec's are solid, i actually have a lot of hospital/doctor shadowing because i didnt develop a passion for dentistry until last year. i have clubs, leadership, varsity sports, service, the typical stuff
I live in new york btw
some pros/cons about the programs would help too. like i know upitt requires a really high gpa and dat to stay in the program and i've heard nyu kicks a lot of people out</p>

<p>Also an accelerated program isn't exactly necessary for me. I'm defitantly interested in 6-7 year programs, but even an 8 year program is fine with me if I'm getting a spot in dental school (meeting the requirements of course) </p>

<p>thank you!!</p>

<p>I’m in the Stony Brook BE/MD and I know both of this year’s matriculants to the BS/DMD program here, they are smart kids. I would give that a shot, especially if you are in NY, Stony Brook Dental is a well-respected dental school.</p>