Barely passing ab calculus should I still take the test in may?

<p>Its my junior yr and 1st year taking ap I am almost failing this ap and I always hating graphing.I'm taking stats next yr but not want this class to be a waste since I need the credits to boost my gpa and transcript.</p>

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<p>Well, when didn't take Calculus AB, but I took Calculus BC in my junior year. I was getting low B's (like on the verge of turning into a C), but I studied like REALLY hard and I ended up passing the AP test with a 5.</p>

<p>So if you're willing to study like really, really hard, then sure, try the test.</p>

<p>What textbook are you using? Some calculus textbooks have solutions manual (I know this is true for Stewart and Larson), and they are very useful because they show you by example how problems are done. In colleges, people use solution manuals so no need to be ashamed.</p>

<p>I think you should read a textbook, if you have one, and do as many problems as possible. It helps!</p>

<p>AP Edition Calculus 3rd edition and some problems or formulas in the book don't show all the steps like the teacher does...I was trying to read ahead so id have less a chance of failing</p>

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<p>There is no solutions manual for your textbook, sorry. But you can use Khan</a> Academy to learn Calculus step-by-step.</p>