Baylor EA 2025

Hey @Chrane03
Did you ever hear about I2E round two?
Which session did you select as your first choice? I did the honors session last night and it was completely full - perhaps that was why you were deferred.

Looking for feedback on University Scholars program. Was admitted yesterday and would like to get some feedback

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No update or rescheduling for my daughter’s I2E session. Are you signed up for one of the Arts & Sciences? Or another?

Likewise - my daughter was admitted to the BIC. She accepted, but would love to hear from anyone with firsthand experience. She was invited to a session to learn more about the Honors Residential College.

Also, my daughter’s financial aid offer was updated on BearWeb. They added a need-based scholarship, work study and federal loans. However, we are still not at a place where Baylor will work financially. Holding out hope for more aid or scholarships.

Did everyone receive their admission decision yet? I was deferred :frowning:

today is the last day to be notified of admission results. my friend applied EA and she still hasn’t gotten hers back so i think they’re still sending it out! i’m so sorry about your deferral! i went through one at case western. I reapplied ED2 and ended up getting a rejection haha but i bet you’ll get in through RD if you are still interested!!


Yea I’ve been pretty bummed out all day about it, but I hope that I can change their mind!

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@Nysom5 finally got admitted yesterday. I still wonder what all the hold up was. Did your kiddo get good news??? Hope so.


@antiquedealermom Congrats to your daughter! I’m sure you’re both so excited

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Yes! We heard back and accepted on Tuesday! Thankful and relieved but man that was a painful waiting process! Congratulations to y’all!!!

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of course they will!! don’t stress too much!! :slight_smile:

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