Belk Scholarship Results 2020

Has anyone received notification about the Belk scholarship?

At this point, I’m pretty sure my daughter will not move to the next stage. I think it may be the most competitive scholarship she tried for. I did read in last year’s thread that some Belk hopefuls who did not advance received an early RD decision, along with info on their financial aid package.

Good luck to everyone.

Nothing here yet. Looks like it should be sometime this week according to last years thread. We aren’t expecting anything either, however; an early RD sure would be nice :slight_smile:

I haven’t received anything either

Nothing here yet either.

Did anyone hear today? My daughter is waiting for news!

I have not heard from them. Waiting is really hard.

Nothing here either, but since we’re not expecting anything, the stress level is much lower. We’ve decided her outside ECs are just not what these scholarships are looking for. Oh the lessons we’ve learned.

Can you elaborate on what EC’s the scholarships are looking for and/or what you’ve learned? Still can’t believe we haven’t heard anything yet…still somewhat hopeful…

@PitBullyLvr, I can’t really speak to Belk specifically - no insider knowledge. :slight_smile: I’m just reading the tea leaves., and I’d LOVE to be wrong! But I have looked more closely at the bios of the students who are awarded the big name scholarships, and most have very strong, high profile types of community service and activism.

To their credit, I feel Davidson makes it clear that leadership and service are key, so as a well-rounded, “average excellent” student, my daughter knew going in it was a long shot. She’d be thrilled to even be considered. But yes, it would be nice to know one way or the other! I’m sure we’ll hear this week. Good luck!

I agree with @TrendaLeigh. My D was nominated two years ago and did not progress. She was an average excellent kid with a lot of different interests but no big achievement / passion should could point to. Some state awards and honors but it seems like innovation and leadership around community advocacy / being a change agent is the common thread I’ve seen in those selected.

But I do think being nominated (and therefore submitting your app early) gives your application an ‘extra’ look for acceptance. She attends now – chose it among some great options and absolutely loves it!

Fingers crossed for you all, of course. I’m sure your kids are amazing!

Well, the results are out. Good luck to everyone!

No luck for my daughter…although I’m sure she was #51! (haha!!)

Best of luck to everyone else!!

@PitBullLvr, no luck here either. :frowning: But I thought MY daughter was #51. LOL.

Honestly, as a parent, these rejections are harder than I thought they would be…My daughter on the other hand seems to take it in stride. We all just need one great option (that’s affordable)

Good luck to everyone else!

Did anyone who applied to Belks receive an early admissions decision, even though they were not selected? Nothing here, but we’re curious as someone mentioned that last year.

If you are selected as a semifinalist, is it likely that you will be admitted into the freshman class, even if you don’t progress further?