Belk Scholarship Results 2021

Didn’t see a topic for this so I thought I’d start one! Who else was nominated?

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I was! Do you know when finalists are going to be notified?

I hope it is soon. My daughter was nominated:)

I know its usually mid-feb, but I wasn’t sure if someone knew a more exact date.

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Looks like last year it was Feb 12th

Does anybody know if they’ve announced semi-finalists yet?

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I think it could be this weekend maybe

Has anybody heard back yet?

My D has not.


Any ideas on when the news is coming out? It feels late this year!

We spoke with a financial aid person there a few weeks ago and we were told mid February. But sounds like no one has heard anything (ourselves included). I imagine, as with most things college this year, that they have a larger group of nominees than usual…so will probably take more time to sort through. Just a guess

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Someone in another thread said they called the other day and they were told everyone would be notified by the end of this week.


I just received an email so I think results are out!

My daughter did not advance. She really was not surprised…the email said they chose less than 50 out of 1000. She was just happy her school nominated her! Congrats to all that are semi-finalists!