Binghamton University Admissions Fall 2022

Applying to Binghamton University for Fall 2022 admission? This is a space for the members of the class of 2026 to post questions, comments or admissions stats and updates.

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Any guess as to when the first wave of decisions will be coming?


OOS started night before Thanksgiving

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Thank you, surprised this thread has been so quiet

Agree. Why so quiet? Did anyone get accepted OOS?

Anxiously awaiting a decision here as well (in-state). My son applied early action in October.

Do most decisions come out in December?

We were told by our high school counselor and by current Bing students that early action decisions are typically received between Thanksgiving and mid-December.

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I got into Harpur today! Decisions should be coming soon.

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What time did your decision come out? And congrats! Would you mind sharing your stats/area of study? Thanks

I just got accepted into Harpur!! in state. 32 act, 103.79 weighted-96/97ish unweighted. very good extracurriculars and recs

Congratulations! Did anything on your status page change prior to receiving your decision?

It came out around 7:20 pm ET. I applied as a psychology major. 1530 SAT, my school doesn’t do GPA but it’s around 3.98/4

I got an email saying there was a status update

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Got accepted for arts and sciences!!! In state, 33 ACT. 3.97 GPA, rlly good recs, essays, and ECs.

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Thank you!

are you In State or OOS?

Does anyone know if anyone OOS has heard yet?

cannot get in. maybe portal crashed …