Boarding School Chance me - Choate, Deerfield, Hotchkiss, Concord, Thacher

Hi everyone, I’m applying for boarding (11th grade) for 2023. Im going to be a sophmore in highschool soon.

Race (apparently its important?): Black
Gender: Female
Note: Previously applied last year for boarding 10th grade. Marked with “*”


8th grade: A’s,B’s, and D in biology. That D is stressing me out so bad that I feel like it might be a factor in rejecting me.

9th grade: First Sem (school district does letter grades)
English Honors - A
Spanish 1 - A
Applied Engineering Technology - B
Alegbra 2 Honors - B
Global Studies - A
PE - A
Forensic Science - A

9th grade: Second Sem (transfered to new school)
Spanish 1 - 99
Theater - 100
PE - 97
English Honors - 98
Alegbra 2 Honors - 92
Forensic Science - 99
Geography - 97


  1. Track and Field
  2. Intern (Basically introduced clients to the company and what the mission and goal was)
  3. Writer (Write Articles about social injustice to around 1.4k people on Instagram and on organization website)
  4. (Not sure if I’m in) Upward Bound (basically just learn about college)

Note: I have a cousin at deerfield

This is just for July 2022 lol, im not sure about what else is going to happen later. Mostly worried about that D in middle school.

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Your profile looks pretty good, and don’t worry too much about the D—you have good upward trajectory. I’d just recommend applying as a repeat sophomore, as almost all new juniors are athletic recruits. It’s also really hard to gain “momentum” (both socially and extracurricular-wise) as a new junior, as everyone is already quite settled in.


as a incoming Exeter student, i do not think you should worry too much about the D. you should probably get into at least one of the schools you applied to

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