Bonne Bell, Sun-In, what do you remember from your youth?

So as not to derail the “Grandmother’s medicine cabinet” thread with more modern memories, I thought I’d start a new one.

What toiletries (or clothing, accessories) do you have fond memories of from your youth? I’ll start:

Kissing Potion - I saved up my money to walk to the drugstore to buy this with my best friend

Bonne Bell lipsmackers - so excited then these were in my Christmas stocking!

Love’s Baby Soft perfume

Love’s Fresh Lemon

Sea Breeze antiseptic - I prayed that this would cure my acne :slight_smile:

Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo - back when we only expected shampoo to clean, and there were not 37 varieties (for smoothing, curls, damaged, color treated etc)

Breck shampoo

Tickle deoderant

L’eggs pantyhose in the egg package

My mom has some sort of hair product that you painted on to make highlights or “frosting” but I forget what it was called.

I’m sure I will think of some more things as the day goes on :slight_smile:

Baby Soft Perfume, YES!
Sun In, YES!
I can almost smell them now. Great memories.

Was Sun-In something you sprayed on your hair to lighten it in the summer? I vaguely remember that. I remember some guys using it and you could really tell.

How about PSSSSST instant shampoo? Now that I think about it, it seems kind of gross.

I loved Love’s Baby Soft perfume and bought more than a few L’eggs.

Musk oil, anyone? I loved that scent.

I was a teen in the 80’s so lots of Aqua Net!

Long and Silky conditioner- I loved the ads and commercials and just wanted my curly hair to look like that!

Anyone else remember QT?

Definitely Breck shampoo.

There was a hair frosting kit that was very popular, but I don’t remember the name. Maybe a Clairol one?

Frost & Tip was the hair frosting kit I remember

“Any way you want to do it, Frost & Tip does it.”

For my 8th grade graduation (1969) I asked for a bottle of Coty Muguet des Bois. It was my favorite scent for the next few years.

Bonne Bell lip smacker in raspberry. College days in the '70’s.

I loved “Charlie” cologne. My mom always said it smelled like bug spray!

I remember fluorescent everything, plastic bangle bracelets, “Relax, Don’t Do It”, feathered hair and perms and referring to good looking boys as “foxes”. I could go on!

Lipsmackers. The best.

Emeraude perfume. It was awful, but a lot of girls I knew liked it. I preferred Baby Soft in my teens (Opium in my 20’s).

Herbal Essence Shampoo. I want d sad OMD with that wonderful aroma. Pretty Peach from Avon. Actually the local Avon sales lady visits,

Vermont Country Store sells an updated version of Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific:

My mom used Emeraude. I didn’t like the smell of it, but I guess my dad did.
My 18yo daughter uses Sun-In–it’s still around.
My sister sold Avon products and I really liked a (late 70s?) cologne called Come Summer–very fresh/citrusy. I wish they still made it.
Those giant lip-smackers were really popular when I was in high school. Curling irons, feathered hairstyles.
White painter’s pants were a big fad.
Not sure why I would remember this–but guys wearing jeans with no underwear??
(HS class of '80)

How could you possibly know? (You don’t have to answer that.) :wink:

@atomom thanks for the lol!

Bonne Bell lipsmackers.

Yardley frosted lipstick.

Breck shampoo.

From the 60’s-

Villager dresses
Gant shirts

Two of my favorite shampoos:

Body on Tap

Milk Plus 6

I guess beverage-based shampoos were all the rage in the '70s and '80s.

Wella Balsam conditioner – a lifesaver, finally got rid of my knots