Boston College Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision

Hey all,

I applied to Boston College Reg Des but by the ED deadline, which I think was nov 1st. I did this to be considered for scholarships.

My question is if RD people who applied early like me have heard anything back yet now that they have already released ED. If you have heard back or hear back before April (which is the time normal RD stuff comes out), then reply to this thread with when you were accepted so we can all know!


No RD candidate is going to hear anything earlier than anyone else. BC will release decisions for RD all at the same time in mid-March. Good luck to all! BC was one of the two schools that D got to visit before applying and has friends there who love it!

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If you are a Gabelli finalist you will be notified in mid-January, otherwise you won’t hear anything until the regular decision notification date in March. There are about 50 Gabelli finalists.


Got deferred ED so I guess I’m RD now lol. Probably not as strong as you guys


Welcome to the RD group!

Thanks :call_me_hand:

I thought I’d share my stats just to give you some context it might be helpful. I have a 3.91 may be a 4.0 by the time grades go in and a 34 ACT. I’m not very hopeful but I can’t give up yet lol. Again I applied Ed1 and got deferred:/

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@indecisive7777 Does your high school have a history of kids getting into BC? Also, which school did you appy to and how’s your rigor? D’s GPA looks good for BC according to our Naviance. She didn’t send a test score, though, so that part is unknown. Hoping her GPA, rigor, ECs, essays and recs are enough.

What other schools did you apply to?

Yes they do. My rigor was pretty bad before senior year which caused the lower gpa, but this year I was stacked with APs (6+). I think this is the main reason why I was deferred. I have an A- average in my APs this year. Im applying to MCAS. My ECs are strong and my recs are very good according to my counselor. I hope I get in and so does your daughter.

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Also, they are not valuing test scores a lot this year, which sucks for me :(, but your D will be fine I’m sure if her gpa is above 4.

My S got a request to upgrade to ED2. Did you all get that also? Just curious. We haven’t seen the school so he will stay RD.

Yes got that too. I think schools just really want to lock kids in this year.

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I’ll check w my son. This is another school announcing the option to change fro either EA or RD to ED2.

I really think many schools are not getting ED Aps because kids haven’t had a chance to see the schools. Curious are you instate or OOS for BC? My sons ap is going in this weekend RD, instate, no FA request.

OOS in Illinois. She sent her RD app a while ago in time to be considered for the Presidential but she won’t get it. Lol. There are only 20 or so of those scholarships. We are also full pay.

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We are in California.

Being in-state doesn’t matter, although BC tends to get more apps from MA and nearby states the Northeast. You can see application, acceptance, and yield numbers by state in the factbook on the website.

They get a decent number of apps from Chicago. Not a bump at all being from Illinois.

Do you guys think I have a realistic shot with my stats after being deferred ED1?

Hi I am looking for advice about applying as ED2 or RD . We have EFC 7700 how much do you think we need to pay ? From net price calculator it said about 24k . Do you think this the the amount we need to pay ?

every school that deferred me last year EA accepted me in RD, and some with scholarships.

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