Boston College Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision

I’m sure it’s been mentioned already but BC admissions sent the following info to alums and parents today.

Nearly 40k applicants.
All 50 states.
42 % diverse.
7 % International
11% first gen
50 %public schools
26 % private
20 % catholic high schools

18.7% overall acceptance rate
Much lower RD

Avg SAT 1495
Avg ACT 34

61% submitted scores


My son got 4 years too

BU or BC or NU ?

FYI, the health fee is not the student medical insurance, it’s the fee to access on campus student health/infirmary – not waivable as far as I know for on campus students.

The Student Health Insurance Plan runs about $3000/yr and can be waived if your insurance is comparable. It’s not included in the financial aid offer – many schools do this unfortunately.

Good luck.

BC :O)

Go Eagles!

I’m a junior, what is the Carroll acceptance rate for undergrad?

BC does not quote an acceptance rate for each school. They quote an acceptance rate for the entire university. It does vary from year to year a bit.

I’m an alum and here is the unofficial breakdown based on which school is hardest to easiest to get into:

  1. CSOM (Hardest)
  2. Nursing
  3. Arts & Sciences
  4. Lynch (Easiest)

Hope that helps!

So has everyone committed? If not, having a hard time deciding? It feels pretty final…

FA $ is apparently not an option and is a serious decision maker / breaker …

I though a private institution how more FA options, grants…

My daughter committed to BC with a revised FA package after appealing with a package received from another university of comparable or higher ranking in Pennsylvania. There was zero aid from BC initially but now better than the other school’s.

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Now I wonder if you can appeal to the Penn university saying BC gave you more aid and if they can match or do better and then go to BC saying the Penn ppl gave more aid and if they can beat that keep going until both schools are free 0.0

BC FA claims that they use a their “IM”calculation method to decide on FA, with merit not being an option, and that all FA is need based. Only offered loan and work study option at this point. Plan to show them FA (grants) from comparable institutions as leverage and consideration. Hopefully they will at least match it.

Good luck with your appeal! It seems like FA officers have some leeway to adjust the numbers in some situations. You just have to ask. If you have a better package from another private school considered to be in their peer group or higher, there is a chance.

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