Boston College Early Decision for Fall 2024 Admission

This is the official thread for those applying ED to Boston College.

List your unweighted GPA, any SAT /ACT scores, and ECs. What majors are you going into?
Ask your questions, the CC community is here to help!

My DD is applying ED. She has 3.95w, has highest class rigor available, will not be submitting test scores, leadership roles in school and community, job, 3 yrs sports (but not senior year). We go to prep private school in WA with good history of BC acceptance. Assuming strong LoRs, and essay. Many ECs related to major/interest. Full pay able. Well balanced student but not sure that is enough for BC. Thoughts?

What’s your daughter’s UW GPA, and any class rank (even an unofficial one)? Which college/major is she applying to?

BC admits the most highly qualified, diverse first-year class in school history.

The attachment includes stats for BC Class of 2026. While BC is test optional, close to 70% of Admitted students submitted test scores.

3.88 uw. Our school doesn’t have APs and only offers honors starting 11th grade.

It sounds like she has a shot, but a lot depends on how she compares to other students from her school who’ve been recently admitted/rejected at BC. If her high school has a track record with BC, the guidance counselor/college counselor should have better information about her chance of acceptance than we’ll be able to provide. If her high school has Naviance she could also look at that to see how she compares, but be aware that acceptance rates at BC have gone down quite a bit so data that’s more than a few years old may not be super predictive for current admissions chances. Best of luck to her!

Does someone know BC ED2 acceptance rate relative to its ED1 and regular round acceptance rate? My daughter is from a very competitive public high school with weighted GPA 4.38, and SAT 1540. very good writer and good ECs. if BC’s ED2 has a relatively high acceptance rate, she will consider ED1 Northwesterns first, which is a long shot for her.

Similar acceptance rate for BC ED1 and ED2 - both around 30%. RD acceptance rate was approximately 13% last year.

I wonder if someone knows if the competitiveness of ED2 is increased relative to ED1. I wonder if there are a good amount of students who regard ED2 as their safety are applying to a more selective school during ED1. If so, this would make ED2 more competitive, provided they offer the same amount of acceptances in each ED. Does anyone know? And what are the amounts of ED1 and ED2 applications and acceptances?

ED1 - 2,928 applicants/878 accepted 29.9% admit rate
ED2 - 1,505 applicants/452 accepted 30% admit rate

I don’t know the answer to your question about the competitiveness of the two pools, but your theory that a good number of the ED2 pool are students who were deferred or denied at more selective schools in ED1 certainly makes sense.

Thank you!

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