boston college ed2

hello. im an out of state student planning to apply to boston college for ed2.
my stats are
3.65 uw gpa; 1330 sat (not sure if i want to submit)
race - pacific islander
took 9 aps freshman --> junior year

solid personal statement
still have to write essays

ecs - i dont exactly have a spike, but i did hula dancing, language school since 1st grade, and found a club at my school

what are my chances?

Hi, I thought I would share what I know about ED SAts. My daughter applied ED1 and her counselor at her school recommended that she applies test optional with a 1380…this is after her counselor reached out to the BC admission rep that covers her school. This counselor has a good relationship with the admissions reps(all girls catholic HS in PA) She has a 4.1 GPA and lots of ECs. I think the 50% SAT from past years was 1420. Her counselor sent a mid term grade report after she applied to show her grades- she currently has all As in her Senior classes.

I agree with lisafrat I would do test optional. The criteria to be admitted seems to be getting tougher each year. Look at the class profiles of the classes from 2020 to 2024 that will give you an idea what BC is looking for. This information is available by doing a google search eg. “Boston College 2024 class profile” By the way my daughter is a current freshmen and loves BC

D21 applied ED2 before the Nov 1 Gabelli Scholarship deadline. Good luck to everyone and congrats to all the ED1’s!

does anyone know how many students applied ED1 and how many accepted?

For ED1, BC received 1,950 applications and admitted 800 of them.

wow! that is a high acceptance rate! owner what the ed2 rate will look like?

sadly it will probably be lower - I presume lots of Ivy SCEA deferral/denials applying ED2 to BC

What is SCEA?

SCEA= Single Choice Early Action

Does anyone know how many people apply to ED 2 this year?

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