Broad RBC

Have any kids applied to the residential business community for the Fall '20 semester? Does anyone have experience with the RBC?

My son is a freshman in rbc and it has been an absolutely amazing experience for him. Program focuses on business school readiness but also spends significant time prepping students on career readiness through the required bus 101 and 102 courses. Small student community in mcdonel with business specific tutoring also very helpful atmosphere for new students. They host sessions where you can go to msu and learn more about program which I would recommend.

@Spartancpa thanks for the feedback. We did attend a session and we liked what we heard. It’s good to know that the students truly do benefit from it.

Daughter was accepted into the RBC yesterday which is great since they did a massive update to the program. I’m not sure if many were aware but if you are accepted into the RBC for the Fall 2020 semester, you are direct admit into Broad and don’t have to apply in sophomore year. This is a great improvement that removes one of the hurdles to ensuring you can study the major you want. You just need to maintain a 3.0 GPA. The RBC offers excellent resources for the students and is majorly invested in their success at Broad and MSU!

@smgins We are waiting to hear from the RBC. When did your daughter apply? My daughter applied a few weeks ago. Also, how was she notified of her acceptance?

My son just got accepted into the RBC. How does he go about searching for a roommate?

@0831methos my daughter applied in December as soon as they started taking applications. She was notified in her MSU mailbox.

@ljs126 I believe they need to send an acceptance of the RBC invite and will most likely find out the process after that point. I haven’t seen any information on picking a roommate.

@smgins Thanks so much.

Current year freshman rbc students were allowed to room with non rbc roommates. Learning living communities like rbc are given first selections for rooms.

My student is in RBC incoming and I want to know if the RBC cohort and Broad students in general embrace MSU’s tenet of “hate has no home here”. We are used to a very large diverse multi high school campus in regard to ethnicities, economic background, identities, languages, etc and hope this experience will render the same at MSU.