Bryant University 2018

I got accepted to Bryant today EA, but there is no information on major, merit aid, or financial aid. If anyone knows when or how they post that information I would appreciate it.

my son also got admitted. I just assumed he did not receive any merit, but perhaps they will tell us later? Re: major - all Bryant students declare their majors after sophomore year so you are free to explore options and fulfill your gen ed requirements! (i think it is much better that way!)

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My daughter received merit of 20,000 a year and it was in her acceptance email today. It said financial aide will be in the official acceptance letter.

My email only said I had a status update and the letter didn’t say anything about price. If I don’t get any merit aid, which seems unlikely, this will be an easy decision to make.

I received $18,000 a year and it was stated in the acceptance letter.


I qualify for financial aid so I bet it will be part of that package. My brother went through this last year and he got some merit from every school he applied to so. Congrats to all.

Did anyone get their financial aide packet yet? My daughter did but they need an income and tax verification form filled out. So now we wait some more to see if her first choice is affordable:(

I didn’t hear back about my decision until today because of an issue with my application portal. I was accepted and received the $20,000 yearly scholarship. My stuff in the mail has yet to come and I have heard nothing regarding financial aid yet.

@katebnotkatie My daughter got the 20,000 merit aid also but only about 5,000 additional in aide. That leaves about a gap of 35,000 for her and us to fill per year so I’m afraid it won’t be happening for her. It was her top choice and she was so excited to go there. It was a good fit for her.

@momof6kids I’m so sorry to hear about that. I hope there is another school where she can go that she likes!
I probably won’t be attending Bryant considering the finances and my interests in other schools. I guess it wasn’t meant to be for me either.

I got zero merit but almost $20,000 in financial aid so it’s almost like it does’t matter.

I was given a grant of $3,050 a year. I most likely will not be able to attend.

It’s a mostly business university and they do have a very good program so I put some value on that. However, I have to ask myself if it’s a good business decision to attend? Will my return on investment be 30% higher than my next best offer? That’s the difference in price so far. If I was to earn 30% more over the course of my life because I went to this school I would say it’s a great deal. I see no evidence that this could be true.

@payasugo That calculation is always a tough one to figure out as no one can foretell the future. I think you just need to try to attend the best program you can afford. I do not feel going into deep debt is worth it in most cases. You can get a very good education for under $30K a year. Spending more than that produces diminishing returns.

Good luck.

I applied RD. Accepted a few days ago. received 70K/4 years. invited to Celebration of Excellence Dinner.

correction 72,000/ 4 years - 18K/yr

@JJay… Congrats