Bryn Mawr Class of 2027 Official Thread

This is the official discussion thread for Bryn Mawr Class of 2027 RD applicants. Ask your questions and connect with fellow applicants.

RD Application Deadline is: Jan 15

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Anyone know the RD decision date?

Anxiously awaiting here. My best guess, based on the past, is either Monday 3/20 or Friday 3/24.

2020 - 3/23 Monday
2021 - 3/22 Monday
2022 - 3/25 Friday


I guess 3/27, Monday? BMC email this morning “We will release admissions decisions online early next week.”


4pm today! Good luck everyone!


Oh my god i was accepted to Bryn Mawr with the presidential scholarship!!! I’m so happy right now :sob:


DD got in but no merit. Puts it out of budget. So bummed.

Same here. Was surprised to see no merit aid. We may visit but I think it’s out of reach.

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Same here too-- DD accepted but no merit award from best we can tell. I assume it would have been included in the letter?

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Yes. We just called the school.


Kid got in as well. Is the merit offer in the acceptance letter or another place?

We didn’t get any merit fellowship but with a 3.85/4.2 kid I was not expecting it. But I’m curious what GPA puts you in the running for merit scholarships?

another waitlist - D23 really thought this one would be an acceptance!
3.99 UW
1530 SAT
Good (but “normal” EC’s), good LOR, etc…

Just brutal.

This was the final decision - still waiting on the final $$ options from a couple of schools then she’ll need to decide.

My D’s merit award is mentioned in the letter of acceptance and also noted in the Financial Aid Award letter.

DD has a 4.0uw/4.6 w, 32 ACT. Not sure what criteria makes the cut.

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Oh wait, mine does said she received the “Daddy Kidney Donation Merit Scholarship: $15,000 per kidney” …

Mother of God. You have the right to be annoyed.

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Do you mind answering where you are from? I think geographical diversity is a big issue in these decisions. My kids getting into all sort of top 50 schools OOS (Purdue, UVA etc.) but here in CA where we live, only got into top 80’s school and flat out denied from top 50 schools like UCI, UCSB etc.

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CA. I suspect that could be part of it - all these schools want geographic diversity, applying from CA doesn’t necessarily “hurt”, but will almost never “help”.

Not first gen, not a legacy, not any kind of under-represented group, just no “hook”.

When we started this process, she was aware - she actually told me “Dad, if you just hadn’t GRADUATED from college, could I say I was a first-gen?” Not sure that would have worked, all 4 of her grandparents graduated college as well, but we just laughed it off.

Kind of disappointed. It is how it is, but I wish I had encouraged her to apply to a few more targets, so she would be feeling more “options”. We figured 3 moon-shots, 3 safeties, and 4 “target” to “hard-target” was enough - and she was DONE with all the essays by the end of it! Never expected 30% of her decisions to be waitlists!

edit: that being said, congrats to all who got in! It sounds like this year was the most competitive yet (and I feel for kids in future cycles, it seems it’s continuing to get harder and harder)

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Sorry to hear that. We are in CA as well. What surprised her is she got into all these top OOS 50 schools (UVA, Purdue etc.) but her UC applications only netted UCM, UCR, UCSC acceptance with UCSC coming in at 83 ranking.

What were her complete stats? My kids was 3.85 UW 4.15 W and 7 AP + 3 Honors classes. I’m just curious as I have another kid and trying to work out if this one just got lucky in her acceptances.