Bryn Mawr Waitlist 2024

Hi everyone! I got waitlisted at Bryn Mawr. Bryn Mawr is one of my top choices and I’m dying to go there. What can I do and does anyone know this year’s stats/chances on getting in?

Hey there. I was waitlisted at bryn mawr too. I still haven’t heard anything from the college. Has anyone gotten off the waitlist yet?

@Raven124 I’m not sure- I haven’t at least. My interviewer though was on the waitlist back in 2006 and got off within three weeks. But I think this year it’ll be after May 1st. I emailed my counselor a few weeks ago and she said that she was unsure when they would tell us

Admission committee said the results will be out later in June. I emailed them and asked

for the past few years they’ve been admitting 0 students off the waitlist though, but i’m still hoping as this years different and many may deferr/opt out

@aahir yeah, I saw those stats. Usually when students are taken off the waitlist, it’s like 5-15 people. Well, we’ll see

@theartofg we’ll get in, dw

My future step-daughter got in on Tuesday. Hang in there.

Ohhh :frowning: Do international students stand any chance getting off the waitlist?

@lifeshard I’m sure you have the same chance as any of us in the States. The only difference would be that you wouldn’t get as much financial aid since some aid is provided by the government

@theartofg Thank you! I am not requesting for financial aid. I’m just worried that they’re unsure about admitting international students off the waitlist as there is no guarantee that we can arrive at the States on time.

@lifeshard oh then you should be totally fine! But that is a good point…I hope we both get in!!

@ctParent2006 Congratulations to your future step-daughter! Did she get an email or a phone call or both?

An email.

@theartofg i hope that intl students get off too :frowning: i did ask for aid but since Bryn Mawr gives a lot of aid to intl women in stem, im very hopeful xx

i really hope i get an email soon. i might have to have take a gap year otherwise and that thought is scary. i sent in a loci in the first week of april and an email a few weeks back. wonder if i can do anything else

@aaahir I really hope you get an email soon too! I think at this point, we just have to sit and wait…which is super frustrating! I hope they let us know soon!

@aaahir I was just thinking about it, and you probably could send an appeal letter on why you want to go to Bryn Mawr. My interviewer was waitlisted back in 2006 and she wrote a solid 5 paragraph essay on why she wanted to go to BMC and was able to get off the waitlist, so maybe that could help you? But it sounds like Bryn Mawr’s going to let us know soon if they’re going to notify us in July…hang in there!

hey so i already sent in a LOCI stating what I’ve been doing right after i got waitlisted. so i feel like that might be too redundant? i’d do it if they’re okay with it tho, just don’t want to annoy them ykno XD

@aaahir I totally understand! I’m just waiting right now too, hopefully results come out soon!