BS Class of 2021 Thread

I was thinking we might move from the try not to freak out mode to the let’s get prepared and further develop our already clearly very supportive community. Let’s have a space we can ask each other questions, process our happy (and other) moments and share any tips we learn along the way. . .

Thanks for creating the thread! Nothing to add yet, really, from me. Just submitted the enrollment agreement for DD, who was accepted to Kent. She’s so happy.

So shiney and new in here! DD was accepted to St. Tim’s and will be attending the revisit day on March 30. We are really excited!

I didn’t put it above by son is attending Berkshire Revisit March 31. Berkshire had been his first choice since the first day we stepped on campus January of 2016!

I’m class of 2018 (vicariously), but this is a good place to say how delighted I am that there is a new crop of enthusiastic CC prep school parents (honestly, last year was way too quiet!). Best of luck to all of you and your children!

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By the way . .any other class please feel free to lurk and provide advice! First-a confession . . I already had a spot in the closet where we have: fan, posters, some oversize warm clothing and . .

Haha @sadieshadow I’ve started that too! My kid is deciding between Andover top choice) Lawrenceville and Hotchkiss
We revisit Andover 3/27. Anyone else?

@sadieshadow Too funny! @bc12345 Different day for us, but we’re looking forward to it!

@sadieshadow thanks for the thread! Congrats on beautiful Berkshire! @bc12345 and @Susieknits congrats to both of you too on having great choices and Kent! @makp715 and I will be doing a revisit together at St. Timothy’s. My D and family are now narrowing it down to I think 3. The other two are Master’s school and Peddie. All three very different and I’m so glad cc exists! I get so much help from everyone. @twinsmama posts were great for me last year! And this year as we are sadly WL for Mercersburg and we truly LOVE the school. It was a no brainer for us that it was a great fit, but we are loving who loves us at the moment. It’s great to be able to share, vent a little and help each other in this process.

Congrats all of you. As you’re looking at revisits, (and knowing that nobody asked for advice, but well, I just can’t help myself), I’d strongly advocate for re-visiting more than just the #1 if you have a choice. The reason isn’t to cast doubt on your decision, but to make sure of it and to hold at bay those “Why didn’t I go to XYZ?” moments when something at the school where you enroll doesn’t go perfectly.

Such exciting times for all of your families – enjoy!!

I was looking forward to this thread starting up all along! We’re down to two choices; a la Gardenstategal, my son wants to revisit his #2 choice, even though he’s probably 99% sure of where he is going. Even though he’s had a clear first choice all along, we’ve found it tough to say no to the other schools. But, we’re excited looking ahead! I have avoided buying anything school-related so far, not wanting to put the whammy on him, but now I feel like there’s a lot to do, mainly stockpiling dress clothes and working on those tie-tying skills.

Congratulations to everyone on your kids’ acceptances and getting through this difficult period!

@CTMom21 I just had the same conversation with my son. Go weed out anything that doesn’t fit bc I HAVE to start building your wardrobe. He is less than enthused.

Same conversation here but I don’t dare buy anything this early as he could easily outgrow it by the fall!

My son’s wardrobe consists of soccer pants, soccer shorts, various other athletic shorts and shirts, one blue blazer that fits (but won’t by next year), a few ties, two pairs of nice pants that he wore this year for interviews, and a few pairs of jeans that he refuses to wear. We have a long way to go! I’ve been buying him the same pants for a few years so I can buy them a size ahead and they should work out. I found two pairs I had bought when they were on sale that should be good for next year. Especially given the snow we’ve had in CT the past few weeks, next year he will HAVE TO have a good winter coat and good boots to be out walking between buildings. He is coat-resistant.

I’m really glad that those of us with boys seem to be in the same boat. My son tried to walk through the son in socks the other day to get the mail. It will be a wonder if he survives. I’m thinking of making a documentary like Naked and Afraid but with boys in their first year of BS. I believe it will be the same level of shock and adjustment for them as for the folks dropped into the African savannah sans clothes or supplies.

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I’m frantically showing him examples of coats (which are against his core belief system apparently) and saying, “how about this one??? It has stretchy sleeves and isn’t toopuffy!!”

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LOL - love this @bc12345 - I deal with the same thing every day. I don’t even fight him on the no jacket thing anymore, as there is at least an equal chance he will leave it somewhere as there is that he will actually wear it.

I would let BS peer pressure work its magic. I’ve lost miserably every single battle over clothing, but BS has proven to be my best friend and ally. Kids are smart and quickly self-correct when they look around and realize they’re the only one dressed like a dud.

@GoatMama well then work your magic,boarding school! This is exciting! Lol.

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enlighten us @GoatMama - where are the kids shopping most frequently - VV and southern tides?