BS Class of 2022 Thread

Waiting for March 10,2018 acceptance day for B S.

This is a happy moment for kids to experience interviews and trying hard to attain their boarding school goals. My twins are calm for the most part. How are you other parents doing ? We might go to Golden Corral on 3/10/18.

We are counting down the days to March 10 as well.

My twins applied to 11 schools. Each one are great . So few slots in for freshman. I feel we will have at least one yes.(smile)

My kid applied as a repeat freshman. DK is confident, but I’m starting to think I might have to tamp down the expectations. We keep saying whatever happens is meant to be, so our fingers are crossed until M10.
Admissions at one school asked if we were open to DK coming in as a sophomore, so I’m not sure which “Class of” board we’ll be a part of until M10! lol

I am nervous about not getting enough FA. We must show a united front that it will work out. Our kids are confident and bright…Yup, I keep praying everyday…Good luck !

Applied to 7 schools with FA…I am thinking now that we should have applied to more.

My kids applied to NMH ,SPS,Peddie ,Lawrenceville , Exeter ,Cate , Loomis Chaffee , Thacher, Andover,Choate and Groton. We love different aspects of each school. Which schools did your kids you apply to?

@MamaParadox Did any of the AOs ask about your list of schools? They seem very different from each other. What was your criteria?

The majority of the AO staff asked what others schools they had applied to. I guess that is out of curiosity. My twins read up on each school and made their own decisions on which made the cut. It surprised me also how different the favor each school has when you compare them. As the parent, I allowed them to dream outside the box. (smile)

It will be interesting to see where the AOs think they will “fit” best…

My DK applied to The Gunnery, Lawrenceville, Choate and the Hill School. They were the schools with coaches who recruited DK (three sport athlete), in keeping with the “love the schools who love you” mantra. :wink: The AO’s did ask which other schools we were considering. Rough, considering some of the AO’s were also coaches. (awkward!)

How is everyone doing? Still counting down the days…

M10 can’t come soon enough. That is all. :-SS

Today we got a 5x5 booklet from one of the schools that was named “Life at XYZ School”. The entire book was photos of the campus and students. It came from my son’s #1 choice and is such a teaser!! Trying not to look into it too closely, but I have to admit that it gave me a little boost of hope.

@dramakid2 I think I know what that school is. We got the same one on Saturday. It was well done! And, I had the same thought.

Booklet was well put together…indeed.

Which school?

Never read anything into a mass mailing.

DC was accepted into her first choice “local” day school today. It has strong appeal for her… special “school within a school” for learning disabled kids, corps of cadets (JROTC), strong sports (she was a recruit). She is our 2nd child, and not nearly as eager to go away as her older sib. While she’s been wishing to go to this BS for years, now that the rubber has met the road, I’m getting the feeling that she might choose to stay home for 9th grade. I am doing my best to let her drive this decision… there are strong positives with both. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed that she might forego the BS, which has been a family thing for generations and is so much of a lifetime community…much more so than the day school… rambling, sorry.