BS Class of 2023 Thread

Somebody requested this, so here it is! Anxiously waiting for March 8, 9, and 10!

Forman class of 2023

Great! We can all post the school we will attend when other decisions come out :slight_smile:

GoatKid2 got his first admission today (as a day student in a local BS). :D/



Awesome news @GoatMama!

Thank you!

How exciting @GoatMama! That would be a relief! I’m a nervous wreck!

Yeah waiting is stressful and exhausting. The second time around isn’t as bad though (you hear that, @buuzn03?)

@GoatMama congratulations! I hope you’re right! I’m definitely better informed this time around! I’m hoping that makes it easier!!

Yea, GK2!!!

Congrats @GoatMama! That must be a great feeling. CTKid2 has applied to an LDS (only) but they wait till M10. Definitely easier the second time.

Thank goodness we have February break to take our minds off of this stressful waiting. I am not sure the pup knows exactly when decisions come out, she tends to stress less if she isn’t as informed. I am hoping her classmates, who have also applied to BS, do not start talking about it constantly several weeks before decisions come out.

Having one early (pre-M10) acceptance on the books makes a big difference and is all it takes to calm down kids and adults alike. We’ll be applying this lesson to college admissions.

One of my kids got a very nice photobook & note in the mail today from our favorite school. I’m hoping it’s a good sign. I’m hiding it to make sure my other child gets one also!

Wow @GoatMama! That’s great! Best of luck to GoatKid2!

Third time around doesn’t make waiting any easier. Sigh.

I’ve got the jiiiiiiiiiiitttttteeeers!!!
Congratulations, GoatMama!

Thanks, @MariFeigh. My mood is considerably less celebratory after signing the contract and paying the deposit today… :-<

FWIW, the FA we got was exactly what the EFC said it would be. Sigh.