BS Class of 2023 Thread

Thank goodness we have February break to take our minds off of this stressful waiting. I am not sure the pup knows exactly when decisions come out, she tends to stress less if she isn’t as informed. I am hoping her classmates, who have also applied to BS, do not start talking about it constantly several weeks before decisions come out.

Having one early (pre-M10) acceptance on the books makes a big difference and is all it takes to calm down kids and adults alike. We’ll be applying this lesson to college admissions.

One of my kids got a very nice photobook & note in the mail today from our favorite school. I’m hoping it’s a good sign. I’m hiding it to make sure my other child gets one also!

Wow @GoatMama! That’s great! Best of luck to GoatKid2!

Third time around doesn’t make waiting any easier. Sigh.

I’ve got the jiiiiiiiiiiitttttteeeers!!!
Congratulations, GoatMama!

Thanks, @MariFeigh. My mood is considerably less celebratory after signing the contract and paying the deposit today… :-<

FWIW, the FA we got was exactly what the EFC said it would be. Sigh.

@GoatMama, Hugs. It will be worth it. :slight_smile:

Wonderful news!

4 days!

78 hours!!!


Just found out that two of the three schools DS applied to will announce Friday at 5 pm. The other one still says Sunday, but I wonder if they’ll change it given that these particular school all compete directly with each other. I thought DS would be happy that he’d find out earlier, but he’s highly annoyed that he won’t find out about all three at the exact same moment (I have no idea why). He’s also miffed that he’ll be in baseball practice at 5 pm. There’s just no pleasing that kid!

This is my first post here, but I’ve been lurking for a while. My daughter’s first and only choice will be sending out their decisions tomorrow via email. They posted a photo of their acceptance packages on Instagram today, I assume they’ll be mailed out soon. My kid attends a very small private, artsy school right now after two very bad years in the public middle school (bullying). She wants a very similar environment at BS. We visited the school and she fell in love with it so I’m really hoping we get good news tomorrow (it’s not one of the more competitive schools, as far as I know). We have a few other schools to follow up with if she doesn’t get in, hoping they still have space.

Good luck to all of the other kiddos waiting for good news in the next few days!

Good luck to your daughter! And welcome to CC!

DS got accepted at all three schools he applied to! I found out right a 5 pm today, and it was killing me not to text him, but he wanted to look himself (which he has finally done). Now it’s going to be a hard choice on which to pick, especially because he can only go to 2 of the 3 for revisit days, due to preexisting vacation plans. Good luck to everyone waiting for decisions tomorrow and Sunday!

Great news!

Sigh of relief, got the first acceptance this morning a bit earlier than expected so now I can post on this thread. Yeah, I am that superstitious, not really, but kind of. LOL. So excited that my pup has managed to get a spot in the class of 2023! Congratulations to all who will be posting on this thread for the next several years, I look forward to getting to know you!


Accepted to Cheshire, Taft, and Loomis. Waitlisted by Choate.