BS/DDS Program Chances

Hi! To start out, I’m half African American and Japanese in a small American school in Japan. I’m in the process of looking for BS/DDS programs but I was wondering if I even have a chance to get into one of these programs.
Since I would be considered an international student, I understand my chances are even lower but here are my credentials until now. (Rising junior)

GPA- Around 3.8 and 3.9 for my freshmen and sophomore year
AP Japanese-5
(Planning to take)
AP Biology
AP Government
AP English Language & Composition
AP English Literature
AP Computer Science
AP Calculus

SAT- 1300 (FOR NOW) Process of studying to get 1500

Chemistry Club
Founder/President of Medical Club
Service Club
Varsity XC (Champion)
National Honor Society
Student Council

ECs outside of school
Shadowed dentist for 10+ hours
Will be attending a one-week dental internship to volunteer at a local dental clinic in Ghana (2021 Summer)
Abacus class
Basketball club
TOEFL- 100/120
Eiken- Level 1

I’m most interested in Howard University’s BS/DDS Program (6 years)

Again, I am an international student so I would have to be above and beyond other applicants but based on those credentials, do I have a good chance to get in Howard’s program?

Thank you so much for reading this!! Any advice or insight would help!!!