BS/DDS Program

Hi! To start out, I’m half African American and Japanese in a small American school in Japan. I’m in the process of looking for BS/DDS programs but I was wondering if I even have a chance to get into one of these programs.
Since I would be considered an international student, I understand my chances are even lower but here are my credentials until now. (Rising junior)

GPA- Around 3.8 and 3.9 for my freshmen and sophomore year
AP Japanese-5
(Planning to take)
AP Biology
AP Government
AP English Language & Composition
AP English Literature
AP Computer Science
AP Calculus

SAT- 1300 (FOR NOW) Process of studying to get 1500

Chemistry Club
Founder/President of Medical Club
Service Club
Varsity XC (Champion)
National Honor Society
Student Council

ECs outside of school
Shadowed dentist for 10+ hours
Will be attending a one-week dental internship to volunteer at a local dental clinic in Ghana (2021 Summer)
Abacus class
Basketball club
TOEFL- 100/120
Eiken- Level 1

I’m most interested in Howard University’s BS/DDS Program (6 years)

Again, I am an international student so I would have to be above and beyond other applicants but based on those credentials, do I have a good chance to get in Howard’s program?

Thank you so much for reading this!! Any advice or insight would help!!!

It’s great that u r an international student who wants to apply to BS DDS, makes both of us! I have taken the most competitive courses in high school(we have a similar GPA too). I am also a professional athlete in the national team, with international awards etc. I consider myself a strong applicant and looking at your stats, I can say the same about you. However, I ve had some initial research on the topic and I can tell you that these programs accept 5-10 students per year, do the math:) There are 2 things you can do right now. First of all, keep working on your stats:keep your grades high. Also, you have a lot of ECs and it s a good thing, but sometimes schools prefer one or 2 ECs if they see sincere interest. So try to make your ECs(especially the dentistry stuff) look sincere. This will make you a stronger applicant. Secondly, there is nothing wrong in being accepted to college and then to dental school(the traditional way), so just consider it. I have found a few colleges an I ll apply to them. Again, you will do your best to make yourself the strongest applicant you can be, but you cannot state with confidence that you ll be accepted to a bs dds program. The median sat in most classes is about 1550. Again, you are a strong applicant, but these programs are tough, so just have a backup plan. Hope I helped you:) Oh and can you please elaborate on this internship program and volunteering in a clinic ?

Are you an American citizen or a dual US/Japan citizen? If you are then you will not be considered an international applicant.

I’m pretty sure even if you have citizenship, the high school that you graduate from decides which pool you are in (domestic or international).

Hey! Sorry for the late reply!
The internships I’m looking at are from projects abroad. They have a lot of service opportunities in specific professional fields so if you’re interested, it’s definitely worth taking a look!

@csia2329 Domestic students/US Citizens would be considered separately as there are many selective schools that are need-blind for domestic students but need-aware for international students. OP would not be included in the limit of ~10-20% of the class that is international if a US Citizen. OP might be read by an international AO, however, as they would be more familiar than a domestic AO about OP’s school.