Cal Poly Admitted Students Class of 2025

Thought it might be good to start another thread to discuss next steps.

My son is still waiting for other decisions but I have heard you should place housing deposit at SLO ASAP to make sure you get space. Is that true? I thought they guaranteed housing for freshman but understand with the University trying to social distance people housing might be impacted.

If you accept your offer of admission is that binding? Do you loose your housing deposit if you put one down and decide to go elsewhere?

I don’t know but their website says, "Should new student enrollment increase and/or public health conditions require reduced occupancy levels, some first-years may be housed in campus apartments. "

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The SLO housing portal opens 4/8, so no submissions until then. But yes, submit as early as possible. That’s our plan, pending decisions from the remaining UC’s.

And yes, you’ll likely lose your deposit.

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not until 4/8 so there is time to figure this out. Thank you

Both of my children attend Cal Poly SLO. One is a Senior, the other is a Freshman. In a non-Covid year (2017) on-campus housing was required and all students had a spot. While it is always a good idea to submit the housing application as soon as you can, it may not make any difference as to whether your student ends up in the apartments, the older dorms, or the new dorms.

Obviously, the new dorms seem like the first choice, and that may be so for many, many students. If your student ends up there, outstanding.

My son was enrolled before the new dorms were finished so he ended up in the Red Bricks. They are the older, traditional-style dorms with the big shared bathroom down the hall. He was fine there and made lots of friends, some of whom he lives with now.

My daughter got caught up in the Covid housing situation this year. She about cried when she ended up in the Cerra Vista apartments. However, two weeks into the term she was loving the apartments (especially because of Covid issues) and knew several people who were trying to move over from all of the other dorms. Her college (C.A.F.E.S.) has a two year live-on requirement, so she is happily going back into the apartments.

It will all work out no matter where you child ends up IF your child makes the best of it. Cal Poly is a wonderful place.


That sounds awesome! I am trying to decide if cal poly is the place for me at the moment. Have your kids had an okay time trying to get classes?

Students definitely have to be on top of their schedule to make sure they are getting the classes that they need in the proper sequence.

My son had only a handful of AP units when he entered college and none of them were of any benefit. He also had very few “free elective” options in his four years. His schedule was usually packed each term and he was able to get the classes he needed, just not always at times or with instructors of preference. He will graduate on time in June with a degree in English and a minor in Fruit Sciences

My daughter in an Ag Business major in her first year, so her classes have been very regimented and sequenced for her. No issues getting into those. Ag Business majors, like many others at Cal Poly, are tossed into the major courses immediately and actually have a lot of their GE classes blocked into their upper classman years.

Take a look at the flowchart for your prospective major. If there are a lot of specific and prescribed classes associated with your major in the first couple of years, then you should have little trouble getting into classes in general.

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My son (OOS) was just accepted to his second choice major (Physics) at SLO - first choice was Mech Engineering. He’s still excited about Cal Poly, but wondering how difficult it might be to change major at some point? Or just staying the course for undergrad. He’s got several other options (RPI, WPI and others) and just curious if any advice.

@PNWbos21: Here is a link to the information to change majors. Changing within the College of Engineering is easier than between Colleges such as the College of Science and Mathematics where the Physics major is housed.

If he has a direct admit to ME at another school, I would lean towards attending there since it is easier to change out of ME than to change into.

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Do you guys know if the calpoly scholars living community is a good thing or not? Because I got invited but I’m not sure whether to accept it.

I am a little late to the game but My son as well. Doesn’t it come with scholarship money that you can only take if you join?

Yeah you’d only get it if you join the program, do you know if a lot of people recieved it too and if people from it can live in like the yakitutu dorms?

I’m not sure. I understood that the cp scholars will live in one of the dorms but don’t know which one. Maybe 1st year will be in new ones another year older. Just a guess. I’m planning on calling housing in the next few days to find out. The extra $ is an advantage but I don’t want my son to be in a group or dorm he’s not happy with or labeled in any way. I would hope that’s not the case from all the positive things I’ve heard about cal poly.

Yeah same here I hope it’s in the new dorms, if you end up knowing if it is can you let me know pls. And no offense or anything but do you know if the people in this program are selected by a certain race

They do not select by race. If is not legal to do even if done with positive intentions.

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My daughter is in the BioResource Engineering major - which i understand is easier to transfer into than other engineering degrees. Maybe he would be interested in that major?

CP Scholars are confirmed to be in Yakitutu. There was an extra box you had to click on the honors application to confirm that you wanted to live in the honors residence located at Yakitutu. Does anyone know when scholar decisions will be out? I know that the school publicly says before April 30th but I’m really hoping it’ll be sooner.

Cal Poly Scholars and the Honors program are two different things. You don’t apply to Scholars.

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Ohhh sorry about that you’re totally right. I personally think that scholars, honors, and substance-free will all be in Yakitutu but who knows.

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Cp scholars has been historically located in red bricks according to housing. Also confirmed by my friend who’s older son is part of the program. It would be awesome if they moved to Yakitutu this year if red bricks are out of commission.