For those planning to apply this fall 2018 to transfer for next fall 2019. I know it’s early but it’s better to be prepared than not to be!

Hi Everyone,
I know it is early but might as well get this started! Good luck everyone.

My stats:
Major: Political Science (emphasis on Law)
Current College: CSUN
IGETC: Will be done by Spring 2019
Major requirements: 1/3 done, spring 2019 all done
GPA: 3.3
ECs: 2 internships, 20+ hours work for CSUN ASSOCIATED STUDENTS , and RA for freshman suites.
In-State, Out-of-State: In state, San Diego
Credits after Spring 2019: 67

Anyone know if some courses don’t articulate if they will still take them and find a way for us to get credit for it so we don’t fall behind?

Hey everyone!

My stats:
Major: Communication Studies
Current college: Cuesta College (local CC)
IGETC: Will be done by end of Spring 2019
Major requirements: All required done. Have a few of the desired.
GPA: 3.9
ECs: Years of work experience, volunteering with homeless,

I hope I will get in!

My stats:
Major: Political Science
Current College: SMC (CCC)
IGETC: Will be done by Spring 2019
Major requirements: will be done spring 2019
Degrees: AA-T Political Science, AA-T Communications
GPA: 3.55
ECs: Member of the Young Democratic Socialists of America, PTK Member, Law Pathway, Scholars Program
In-State, Out-of-State: in state
Credits after Spring 2019: 62.5

My stats:
Major: Agriculture
Current College: AHC (CCC)
IGETC: Will be done by Spring 2019
Major requirements: will be done spring 2019
Degrees: AA-T Liberal Arts Math and Science
GPA: 3.74

My stats:
Major: English right now, Liberal Studies at CP
Current College: UC Davis
IGETC: Will be done by Spring 2019
Major requirements: Will be done after Winter 2019
GPA: 3.45
ECs: Volunteer in elementary classroom weekly
In-State, Out-of-State: In state
Credits after Spring 2019: >90

My stats:
Major: History
Current college: Moorpark College (CCC) (did 2 years at Saint Mary’s College of CA before transferring to Moorpark)
IGETC: will be done by Spring 2019
Major requirements: required done, desired done
GPA: 3.3
ECs: Work as an English and History tutor at a local private HS, volunteer coach, volunteer through church, president of college club lacrosse team
credits: 95 by end of Spring semester

My stats:
Major: Anthropology and Geography
Current College: Los Angeles Community College
IGETC: done by fall 2018
Major requirements: 3/6 (half the requirements are totally different then all the other schools and I’m not that invested in going to SLO so I am not going to take classes just for SLO)
GPA: 4.0
ECs: 200+ hours of volunteering at hospital, 100+ hours of shadowing a Doctor.
In-State, Out-of-State: In state, Los Angeles
Credits after Spring 2019: 88 units

My stats:
Major: Electrical Engineering
Current College: American River College
IGETC: finished
Prep: finished
GPA: 3.97
EC: internship at Intel in Engineering

My stats:

White / Female
CCC (De Anza College)

Major: Business (I hope to change to English or Graphic Communications)
Major Requirements: Only 2 or 3 out of like 10 lol.
GPA: 3.9
Units: Will have 90 quarter units after Spring 2019.

My stats:
Vietnamese/Chinese Female
Major: Food Science (culinary concentration)
Current College: UCSC → DeAnza → Las Positas(currently)
IGETC: Finished
Major requirements: Have everything done except physics (which is a major requirement so might not get in b/c of it)
GPA: 3.53
ECs: 20+ hours working in a major related job and volunteered 11-15 hours
In-State, Out-of-State: In state, Livermore
Credits after Spring 2019: 73 units

@90smix I think it might be a stretch at best if you haven’t finished all of the major requirements. 7 to 8 classes missing is a guaranteed NO. I would advice that you change your major now to something that you have finished the requirements for and then once you get accepted you can petition for a major change into your desired major. Since you have a good GPA it wouldn’t be as much of an issue for you to switch once you are at the school.

@XOcrew75 Yeah I REALLY don’t want to be a business major (I was pressured by friends lol). I didn’t know I could change my major! What do you mean exactly? I thought you couldn’t change your CSU major after submitting the app?

For the two other majors I have 100% done for English and 75% done for Graphic Comm.

@90smix you can change it here:

then once you get it you can talk to your advisor to go into the major you want.

you won’t see the change on the cal state apply website but it will be visible on your calpoly student center page, it takes 2-3 weeks.

@ XOcrew75 Thank you!

Good luck to everyone! I have submitted everything now for the most stressful part. . . waiting.

So, most likely we won’t hear anything until mid-March?

It could realistically be anywhere between President’s Day weekend-mid March

Hey guys, I’m trying to fill out the supplemental application and I’m confused. Where do I list my physics courses. There is an option for physical sciences and and calculus based physics. Do I need to list it in both the section.
Same with Chemistry, I don’t know whether to put it in life science section or the chemistry section. Please help

@XOcrew75 List everything once, I would recommend putting them under their specific category (chemistry under chemistry) they will correlate it to fulfilling the physical science requirement. The physics section you need to know if you took basic general physics or a specific calculus based physics. whichever you took, put it there! If you are still under, look at your degree progress report your college provides for you and it should tell you which classes fulfill which sections. hope this helps!