Cal Poly SLO Transfer Thread for Fall 2023

Are acceptances supposed to come out tomorrow?

meeeee! i’ve literally been checking this forum almost everyday since it was first formed

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Based on previous years it could be tmrw or Monday / Tues.

I’m so glad others are here! My mental health is really struggling as it gets closer especially. Hoping to get 8 hours of sleep tonight!

I just discovered this site last week and now I’m obsessed…this and Reddit have taken over my life lol.

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i really hope we hear today ugh it’s probably going to be early next week though right?

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In 2021 in was tonight! it’s been one week since freshman got decisions, it’s possible🍀

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Guys I’m calling them

Wow they really just give the automated “no later than April 1st” response

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I was literally just gonna reply to your comment saying they’re probably gonna say “between now and April 1st” lol they’re so helpful ._.

Doesn’t seem like its gonna be today huh

Lol I’m giving it another hour and then losing hope for today.


…Thank you for applying to Cal Poly. We have received your application. No determination has been made at this time…

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I’m literally on campus for St. Fratties… gonna be a painful blow if I’m here and things go bad

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Are you SLO local ?

No I actually drove from Santa Cruz to meet friends

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Guess we are waiting till Monday at the earliest?

Yup :smiling_face_with_tear:



Wait dies that mean they only release decisions on weekdays? They have done if at 10pm or later. Also spring break starts after next week for them so that means a definite m-f window probably