Cal Poly SLO Transfer Thread for Fall 2023

I had a similar question. Do decisions not come out on the weekends? Also I feel like we will for sure get decisions by either Monday or Tuesday.

hi! im not totally sure but from what i’ve seen online (college confidential and reddit) decisions have gone out only during week days. good luck everyone, should be any day now!

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i agree that does seem to be the theme! i’m almost 100% certain it will be this week. good luck :slight_smile:

Anyone else wanna drop their stats to keep this thread going as we wait?

I posted stats but I will again:))
3.1 gpa IGETC and required classes completed hoping to get into rec parks and tourism major
Not overly optimistic. If anyone knows of others who have transferred into rpta in prior years I’d love to hear how it went for them

Major: Business Administration
GPA: 4.0
AS-T: Yes in Business Administration
Pre-reqs: Will be completed at the end of the spring semester.
Golden Four: A A A A
Local: No. Bay Area tho.
Volunteer/ Work Hours: Yes, 20+ hours a week. Not really in my field tho.
Leadership Positions: No
Schools accepted to so far: CSUN, SFSU, SJSU, Loyola Marymount, USF, and CSULB.
Waiting: Cal Poly SLO and SDSU.
Hoping we hear tomorrow :pray:
If I get into both Cal Poly SLO and SDSU, which one do you guys think I should choose and why ? Debating it strongly in my head.

3.3-3.4ish gpa
poly sci
all required classes complete
i am transferring from cuesta so i feel like my chances are hopefully higher. i saw a post from another year where someone had a 2.6 gpa at cuesta and got into cal poly so i kinda feel good.
if decisions don’t come out tomorrow i’m going to be so upset!

i heard sdsu is super competitive this year so good luck! i honestly don’t know much about sdsu but i’m pretty sure cal poly has a good business program. i hope everything works out for you!

business admin transfer
4.0 gpa
Golden Four - Complete
Pre Reqs - Completed by Spring 23
CSU GE only
CA resident but not local
Accepted - CSUF and CSULB
good luck everyone!

forgot to mention that i’ve gotten into sac state (even tho they accept everyone lol) and csulb

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Major: Biological Sciences
GPA: 4.0
AS-T: Yes
Pre-reqs: Will be completed at the end of the spring semester.
Golden Four: A A A A
Local: No. California CC.
Volunteer/ Work Hours: Yes, 24+ hours a week. Mostly in my field.
Leadership Positions: Yes
Schools accepted to so far: None
Waiting: Cal Poly SLO, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, UCD
I am starting to get physically ill waiting. Please hurry! If not Cal Poly, I’ll have to wait another month.

Construction Management Major
3.47 GPA
Golden Four: Complete, all A’s I think
All required courses done by Spring 2023
Some recommended courses complete
IGETC Certification
Two A.S. Degrees: Comms, Arts, and Humanities / Math and Sciences
CA resident - Orange County

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Major: Business Admin
GPA: 3.88
AS-T: Yes, will be completed by end of Spring 2023
Pre-reqs: Will be completed by end of Spring 2023
Golden Four: A, A, A, A
Local: No, in-state
Volunteer/Work hours: 20+
Leaderships positions: No

So many different majors in here! It’s really gonna be interesting to see how this goes down.

Major: Civil Engineering
GPA: 3.85
AS-T: No
Pre-reqs: Will be completed by end of Spring 2023
Golden Four: A, A, A, A
Units earned: 118.50
Local: No, in state (NorCal)
Employment: 21+ hours/week
More than 25% related to field: Yes
Extracurriculars: 11-15 hours/week
Leadership Positions: Yes

Major: Computer Science
GPA: 4.0
AS-T: Computer Science, Math, Physics
Pre-reqs: Completed by Spring 2023
Golden Four: A, A, A, A
Local: No, CC in Socal
Volunteer/Work hours: 22+ Hours a week
More than 25% related to field: Yes
Leaderships positions: Yes

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i’m starting to feel like admissions won’t come out today

same here, i thought for sure it would be today. hopefully tomorrow

i really hope so, this is way too stressful

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i know how you feel , i was anxiously waiting all day today