Cal Poly SLO Transfer Thread for Fall 2023

i still keep checking my portal anxiously. according to one of the statistics in 2020 one of the cal poly acceptances came out at 10:11pm so i won’t stop checking haha

I really hope they come out today. Tired of waiting haha.

the portal is down for me :confused: My shot in the dark guess is thursday (3/23) around 4pm for the first wave but hoping for sooner!

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The decisions might come out a week from today on Monday, it’ll be spring break but Monday will still be a work day for the staff.

Potentially another week? Sigh, I’m too impatient.

Do transfer decisions always come out after freshman waitlists? Or can it happen before

i heard decisions for transfers always come out before cal polys spring break. that’s what it has been like in the past so i doubt they’ll change it this year. i’m sure we will get it this week. but also none of us can be 100% sure on anything

my best guess is we’ll hear by tomorrow , thursday at the latest

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i agree

Hopefully tomorrow :pray:


They should just say they’ll release on April 1st and that’s it, but no they have to work in their mysterious ways. :roll_eyes:

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Last year was today about 4pm!!! LETS GO!!!

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yessss i believe freshman heard back this year on the same day as last year , so hoping it’ll be the same for us transfers which means today !!!


Decisions are out! I just got in for Bio!!! Good luck everyone!


just got in for business admin!!!


Email or just portal?!

Anyone hear back for Political Science? Still no determination for me :frowning:

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just saw it in my portal about 5 mins ago , must have been updated at 3. will post my stats later today!

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Edit: this is in reply to my stats for Business Admin, in case anyone wants to refer to them