Caltech RD 2023 Applicants

So, apparently there is no Caltech 2023 RD applicant discussion thread? So I made one. Enjoy.

Deferred applicants are welcome.

As far as I know, RD results come by 3/15 sometime in the afternoon PT (3pm PT? i dont know)

So for anything related to Caltech regarding the class of '23, post here!

Suggest if I should make a separate results discussion for RD (+Deferred) applicants for the Caltech class of '23.


The Caltech forums seem to be very quiet in general. Small school full of introverts I guess :slight_smile: Anyway, my son was accepted EA and I just wanted to wish everybody good luck in March.

anyone know when graduate decisions come out? My daughter is waiting not-so-patiently.

I’ve heard that they historically come out on the Saturday before MIT decision release, so that would be the 9th.

Wait how do you know that it’s the 15th? I agree with @sliu412 that the 9th seems more likely

@compSciLover Well, it very well may be the day after Pi Day. Thats mostly probable. At least thats what I’ve heard. There’s a possibility for the 9th as well. I’ll confirm and post again.

Okay, so the Caltech website says mid-march (which is ideally 3/15), but for the class of '22 the decisions came by on 3/9 (for RD of course). We’ll see.

They will confirm for sure on their website once they are done finalizing the decisions. Thats general protocol.

This is the webpage I believe they should update when they’re done with the app processing work:

Hope this helps!

@TheGuy1 ok thank you!

@TheGuy1 please make that! if not, i can too bc I made the one for Harvard REA lmk!!

@leahgriffith123 Make what exactly? I have already made the RD Caltech Forum which is this one. Obviously it includes everyone whose decisions come out on the RD date.

@leahgriffith123 Okay nvm, I read my own post and understood I’ll do that!

Keep an eye out for that.

Alright The results thread for '23 Caltech RD+Defers is ready!

Anyone interested here check it out:


I’m so hyped that decisions are coming soon

Yeah! Anyone has received any updates on the app portal in any way so far? I’m just curious.

Any emails regarding anything from the Adcom as well?

hahaha let’s see if one of us will take one for the team and call to see if we’re getting results next week

I can call the admissions office and keep yall posted :slight_smile:

Thats great @leahgriffith123 regarding what exactly? The RD dates? or the updates to apps?

Nvm. The RD date’s almost certain to be 3/9 12pm PST. I havent checked their official page (linked somewhere in this forum) though.

I heard they dont even send out notification emails? Thats interesting tbh.

one more week!