Can I still get into Rose-Hulman without many science ECs?

I really love Rose-Hulman, and hope to go into software engineering there, but most of my HS extracurriculars are geared towards community service and marketing. I am above their average SAT/GPA, but does anyone know if they are more wholistic in their review?
Here are my relevant stats/EC’s:

Female applying for software engineering

SAT: 1530
EBRW: 750
Math: 780
40/40 Science Cross-Test
W GPA: 4.78/4.0
UW: 4.0/4.0

Took Honors Bio, Chem, and Physics
Took AP Chem (4)
Taking AP Calc and AP Bio this year
I am in every science honors and AP course my school offers

Great Recommendation from my Physics teacher

Co-President and 4-year member of our school math team

Department Award in Science & Technology/Business

Bausch + Lomb Honorary Science Award Recipient

LOTS of impact in my community through service, which might not be as common in RHIT applicants

I will apply for their service scholarship as well, so hopefully I can demonstrate how I see engineering as an opportunity to help others with that essay.

Considering RH is only 25% female, I’d say your gender plus your excellent stats will give you strong odds of getting in. I would consider it a match, not a safety, however, as the school has pretty high stats students overall. The kids who go there seem very happy with the college, though. Good luck to you!

Yay! Thank you :slight_smile:

You will get accepted with merit. If you already have physically been on campus and like it then it’s a match. I know someone, female, that is graduating this year and they are seeking you out especially being female. A huge plus. Students that go there really like the school.

For anyone else’s reference: I did recieve acceptance to RHIT and a substantial merit scholarship!! :smiley:

@023ughger. Congratulations!! What did I tell you?.. Lol… Great that it worked at and its a place you want to be.

Thank you so much @Knowsstuff !! I guess you really do know your stuff. Lol!!