Can I take Calc AB in class and self-study Calc BC? (also will be taking AP Stat)

<p>I will be a senior next year. I'm taking Precalculus this year, and got a 99%. This class turns out to be soooo easy (and a little boring) for me (sleep in class all the time, always do homework before class), and since I will be a senior next year, I want to have some more challenging math classes. My school only offer Calc AB and AP Stat, and I really want to do Calc BC and Stat. So my questions is: Can I take Calc AB in class and self-study Calc BC (and also taking AP Stat at the same time)? Is that possible (I mean, is Calc AB a prerequisite for Calc BC)? Otherwise, I don't think I will have any problem doing it because I'm kinda strong in math. And also in May, can I take the AP Calc BC exam in my school or do I have to go to another school to take it? Another reason why I want to do take BC is that colleges can see that I have rigorous course load and keep up my grade even in my senior year (I am having a 4.0 GPA unweighted, and I know that I have to either keep it or improve it cause colleges HATE senioritis and slack off in senior year). So how can I show colleges that I'm self-studying Calc BC besides of take Calc AB in class? Actually I can't do it by myself, I will need the help of my math teacher (he's teaching Precalc this year, and he is also the Calc AB and Stat teacher, so I will have 2 official classes with him next year. He's very nice). So should I make a syllabus and have him sign it? Should I inform my counselor that I'm self-study it, and ask her to order a Calc BC test from the CB so that I can take the test in my school? And can my counselor make a little not in my transcript that I'm self-studying Calc BC, so that colleges could know. Please answer my questions. Thanks in advance for your time.</p>

<p>Haha that's quite a few questions, some spacing would have been nice.
The only thing that I think might be troublesome is the pacing of AB vs. BC. The extra material in BC is pretty easy, and you could definitely self study it, but the full year course generally moves faster to fit the extra material in. So you might have to skip ahead of your AB class a bit in order to understand some BC concepts.
You should let your math teacher know that you're self studying, but the AP Coordinator is the one that needs to know to order the BC exam. And no, you don't get bonus transcript points for self-studying. For admissions purposes, self-studying is pointless for your senior year, do it for the credit</p>

<p>And what's this about having him sign a syllabus? Just learn it yourself! Your book definitely covers the extra material. For extra help, look up Khan Academy, you'll learn it in no time. I taught myself the AB material through Khan Academy while taking Precalc, I really wish I had known how easy the BC material was.</p>

<p>My Pre-calc class is impossible. We all have B's :( Your class seems fun lol.</p>

<p>about 20 kids in Calc AB this year in my school self-studied the rest of BC so you should be alright.</p>

<p>Tbh, if you're good at math(and it seems like it), you can do it. My teachers says that Calc BC is just an extra 2 chapters of Calc after AB. So... just try hard and it should be no problem</p>