Can’t visit schools, can’t make a decision HELP

I am having a difficult time narrowing my colleges choices. At this point, I have a top five but I can easily find many pros and many cons for each. I visited uiuc, northwestern, Miami oh but notu Miami or FSU. I planned on visiting fsu after I hear from umiami, in case I visit there instead. That doesn’t leave me with much time to decide, find a roommate, etc.

uiuc- great program for actuarial science and accounting, close, great social life and school spirit. But, might not be able to transfer to accounting, not merit aid, very large.

Northwestern- great school, great reputation, super close to home, continue to triple legacy. But, might be too demanding, doesn’t have finance or business, expensive, and I don’t think I would fit in.

Miami Ohio- academics, good merit aid, four years masters degree, think I would fit in. Not much school spirit, not a great fball team, only frat houses, far drive, not highest ranked.

FSU- great academics, selective admissions, super cheap, warm weather, already made friends going there. Not a great fit socially, far from home.

Umiami- always loved the school, school spirit, good size, good academics. Expensive, might not even get in, far from home.

Any input would help! Thanks!!!

Which schools have you even gotten into already, as NU hasn’t even given their decisions yet.

If $ is an issue, then you will really need to weigh that factor into all of these schools. At UMiami in Florida, things are really expensive there. Kids go clubbing and it’s an expensive lifestyle.

Northwestern it sounds like you already know would be outrageous. If you want business then it’s Econ.

If you got into UIUC into Liberal Arts, and do decently it shouldn’t be that hard to transfer into Gies. If you can’t, then again you can always switch to Econ or stick with Actuarial Science, but if you’re worried about it then it sounds like this is not the route you want. If you didn’t get into Geis, then it sounds like NU is probably a super huge reach.

Don’t know anything about FSU.

Miami (OH) has a good business school, I know people who have gotten great jobs at Chase out of there. It might be a good opportunity to be a big fish in a small pond and getting cash is nice too. Kids from Chicago burbs really like it there too. My son just declined his offer but if he didn’t have something better for his needs, I would’ve been happy to have him attend. Plus they gave him a free ride.

Yes, I know nu decisions haven’t been released. I am still waiting to hear from them in addition to u Miami. I’ve gotten into the other schools mentioned. At uiuc, I got into my first choice major (AS) and chose accounting as my second. I’ve realized now that I’m leaning towards accounting. When I called, it didn’t seem like switching majors was as simple as other schools make it. I also don’t like their foreign language requirement for fourth level proficiency.

Have you taken language in high school? If you’ve taken through 4 years at your high school then it should count. So like my kid took spanish 4 last year as a junior and UIUC counts it as 4 years. We live in the burbs too. I think Gies has the same requirement. Engineering may be the only one that doesn’t. If you have to take foreign language there though it’s really hard, so everyone says to just take it at parkland at the same time you’re taking other classes at UIUC.

I took only two years due to a schedule conflict and will need to take college class to fulfill the requirement for LAC and GIES. I did plan on taking it at a cc though.

Oh yeah, that does stink and I don’t blame you. My son isn’t too keen on that requirement at some of the other schools he is considering!

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You sound more confident about getting into Northwestern than U Miami which seems odd…

What makes you think that? Because I don’t think that having four family members go there, one teach there, and many family donations to the school is an automatic in at any university. But I have a feeling I won’t get into the school I really love and rather the one my parents would want me attend. Who knows after the president just said they accept 1 in 25 applicants.

Where does money factor in. You haven’t mentioned it. I suspect you got the OOS waiver at FSU. If you didn’t, then you won’t get into Miami or NU.

If you want to rank the schools just based on pedigree etc. Northwestern is far above.

Miami is strong but not thought of that way nationally - people still think it’s a rich kid, party school. It’s the U - that doesn’t help them.

Miami Ohio is solid. Florida State is better, nicer, cheaper - but if you were in Denver, no one would care if you went to any of the schools differently (except NU). UIUC is obviously a great school although their campus is dreadful and I’d personally be miserable.

The questions are:

  1. Is money a factor.

  2. Is school size/ weather / geography a factor

After Northwestern, what’s your desire - mid size (Miami, Miami) or large (UIUC, FSU)

Warm or cold - palm trees or winter

On April 1st or thereabouts you’ll know soon enough.

Unless you get a great aid package or your dad is Warren Buffet, I’m not going to Miami Florida. It’s not worth it.

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I’ve mentioned money with every single school, whether the price is a pro or con for that school. Also, I did receive the OOS waiver at FSU. I’m surprised you think more highly of FSU than Miami. I’m from the Midwest so it is difficult to get a perspective of southern schools. Also, what makes you say the uiuc campus is dreadful (I don’t exactly disagree haha)?

Email UIUC and ask how easy and how common it is to go from the major you’ve been admitted to to the major you want. UIUC is pretty rigid when it comes to switching majors.
As a Northwestern legacy I assume that’s where youllgo if admitted.
That leaves FSU, UMiami, and MiamiOH.
All three share a certain partying spirit, with UMiami benefiting from being a private school with private amenities and FSU having more choices and more diversity. Normally between both I’d pick FSU assuming you got into the Honors college, but DO pay attention to the current changes in scholarship funding (see threads “changes to Bright Futures/limiting majors”, and “Benacquisto changes” -the bill passed today and would exclude most 4-year college majors except for Elementary Teaching, Engineering, Nursing and possibly CS.)
Miami OH works hard at recruiting high stats students and the campus is pristine. It’s a mix between UM and Fsu, except in the Midwest.

Other than Engineering, UIUC is not that rigid as far as changing majors. Engineering is so hard just because they’re so competitive but only the ones that are most competitive. Certain engineering majors (easy to look up) are easy to transfer in if someone has the minimum required GPA and other requirements.

If he meets the Gies requirements, it won’t be that hard to transfer in and being in Liberal Arts already is a plus. I know plenty of people who successfully transfer in from Gies, but bottom line it’s no sure thing. @avaw21 you can also try to appeal now to change majors if you go on your portal. I can’t remember offhand what the risk is if you are not successful if you risk losing your current position, but if you wouldn’t go in for actuarial otherwise then there really is no risk.

As for Miami they’re right about the expense. They party and club a lot there. If you don’t have money when you go down there, you will possibly be spending a lot of money keeping up with the joneses. That can be rough.


I talked to someone on the phone from uiuc and they explained the process but nothing is guaranteed. Also, I received an oos tuition waiver and am an accounting major at FSU. This isn’t effected by the bill that’s passed, correct?

Thanks for the insight. From what I’m hearing abt clubbing, it’s almsot making me question which school is the party school more: FSU or Miami.

UMiami :joy: (b/c: More money + Miami, Miami Beach, etc)
Yes it looks like you wouldn’t be directly impacted by the bill (although you might want to get involved along with future classmates)

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No bill has passed and I would not worry about it. Your OOS waiver is valid if you meet the GPA requirement. It would impact future folks. Why accounting - that’s not what you are doing otherwise?

If you look at ranking, Miami is 47 (I think) and FSU 58. FSU has shot up the list.

If you want parties, you’ll find them at Harvard…so yes at Miami and FSU.

If you want to study or have your fun with nature or board games or video games, you’ll also find that at FSU or Miami.

These colleges meet all types.

You asked why I think more highly of FSU. I don’t. I think one, the most they’ve given is $25K so it’s still going to be $50K+ a year. The other is going to be $20K+.

You are doing accounting, etc. You can go to Eastern Illinois. Doesn’t matter - you’re going to find a job.

So I’d save the $$.

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