Cancel AP Score

Hi! An application is asking me to submit an unofficial AP Score Report.
I take mostly Dual Enrollment classes, but I have taken 2 AP classes. I did fairly well on calc (4 bc, 5 ab subscore). However, I completely flunked AP Lang (2). I plan to major in STEm so I’m sure the calc score will help me – however, I really do not want the person reviewing my application to see my 2 on AP Lang. Is there a way to cancel or completely get rid of the score after you have taken the exam? Or is there a way to pick and choose which AP exams to put on your unofficial score report?

@maddi886 You can can request the College Board to cancel your score. They need the form to be faxed or mailed to them. Takes 3-5 days. The score will be canceled but it will still show on your record as canceled per your request.

Also, you can self report the scores of your choice.


If it’s an unofficial score report, does it say you need to enter every AP you took?

Standard advice on the Common App an other applications is to only include the scores that benefit your application, usually 4s and 5s.

You can have CB permanently delete scores, but there is a fee and rarely needed.

I’m applying to QB and they ask for an unofficial score report from collegeboard (which shows all my AP exam scores) rather than self-reportng scores. I would only report the calc score if I could so I might just fill out the form another user sent and have CB permanently delete the ap lang score (since it’s so bad lol)

Thanks for the help!