CC Forums Migration: Known issues + Status Update

When I’ve clicked in to a topic to read it, then hit the back button, I go to the top of the previous page. This is frustrating when I’m scrolling through a big section - FA or college admissions - and I have to figure out where I was. I am on a Mac.

Any update on this?

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We’re working on Private Messages this week! Will have an update soon. We obviously missed the 12/23 target date, but we’re getting very close. There are literally millions of PMs to migrate and we want to make sure we tackle as many issues as possible up front. Stay tuned!

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Not sure if it’s my computer or what. I use windows on a desktop and an ipad. I use Chrome on both. For the last four or five days, pages are not loading properly. I turned everything off, of course. Haven’t made any changes on my end. Posts are not posting. Everything has slowed right down.

Also, I can see which posts I’ve liked, but I am unable to see who has liked my posts. Can that be resolved? @CCadminMike

What’s the issue with this header, @CCadminMike? When I scroll, it covers the thread titles.

I’m getting that in my desktop too.

Another issue, @CCadminMike, is the amount of space wasted by things I have no interest in reading. This photo is from the Was Test Optional a Disservice to Kids thread. It takes up my entire android screen. I don’t need to know who the frequent posters are, and I find it irritating to have a list of popular links dumped between comments. I’m trying to follow a conversation and it’s distracting. The more I’m distracted by irritating features that interrupt my usage the less I want to be here.


Agree entirely.

Am I the only one seeing this? I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere else. Over the past 2 or 3 days (desktop pc, firefox), I’m once in a while seeing a slightly different format. Slightly less colorful, more gray-scale, where the threads I’ve already read are grayed out. One “feature” is some of the counts (#messages etc.) are different shades of red/orange. If I hover, it show “this thread has a very high read/like ratio” or something similar.

Seems to be completely random whether I get that new format or the one that’s been more standard since the conversion. I actually like the new one.

Something I’ve only just realized:

First, the given: If you highlight text in someone’s post, you get the option to reply, and the reply box is prefilled with what you’re replying to. Fine.

Now, the problem: If you select the entirety of a post, the system auto-edits your reply immediately after you’ve posted it, and eliminates the quote.

Which I suppose is to prevent people from pointlessly quoting paragraphs and paragraphs to add a one-liner in reply. Fine. But when you’re quoting the entirety of a post that was one or two sentences long to respond with a brief comment? This is a stupid, stupid, stupid design choice. With the quote removed I have to add more wordage to my response, rather than just making my comment, because the removal of the quote destroys context, and makes a brief response less understandable.

I’ve mentioned before that I used to be a moderator on a USENET newsgroup. We actually had a related quoting rule: Posts containing quotes had to have more lines of original text than quoted text. (And for all I know, that may be the rule here, too—I haven’t tested that.) However, we recognized that brief responses could be useful in the development of a community, and so we accepted posts with quoted text at or below a certain number of lines (I forget how many, maybe it was 20?) no matter the quoted:new material ratio.

I would suggest that we need something similar here: If someone’s quoting fewer than, say, 100 words, then they should be allowed to quote the entire post in their response, so that their response can retain the context necessary for it to be understood.

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These little avatars need to go. They really are useless.

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What a pretty kitty. :grin:

It would be nice if the website could be fixed so it’s usable. Lately scrolling has been painfully slow. Today I scroll up a screen length only to have it roll back 1/4 of the way every single time. When I use the back arrow to get out of a thread I get a blank screen or a totally black one. My reward for finally getting to a thread is a wall of avatars of people who posted that don’t add anything to a thread. It would be much better use of space, @CCadmin_Jon and @ccadmin_Sorin, if the title of each thread could be added at the top of the screen so we can see it no matter where we are in the thread.

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We’ve had a hard time tracking down the problem because none of us have been able to reproduce it. We’ve tried different browsers and network connections bu haven’t seen the problem. Until yesterday. As I was looking at this very post, I had a very similar problem. We now think it’s caused by one of the advertisers. We’re still trying to identify which one and ban them. (It might be more than one, unfortunately.)

I did find the problem disappeared when I closed the browser tab and joined CC in a new tab. Obviously this isn’t what should happen and we’re trying to make the problem go away for everyone. But it’s something to try.

We heard that feedback during the Charlie test and I wanted to see how people felt after using the site for a few weeks. I tend to agree it doesn’t add much to very long conversations. Also there are so many people on the forums that you can’t always tell who is behind the avatar. (Especially since most people use the default avatar at the moment.) So we should reconsider removing that section.

The Popular Links section is a different story, in my opinion. It provides real value for people looking for more information on a topic. It means I don’t have to go digging for a link. Maybe it’ll be less intrusive for you if we didn’t have Frequent Posters? Or maybe we could show fewer links by default?

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And in all seriousness, as someone who would like to see this site continue as a going concern, you need to clamp down on these sorts of problems quickly.

If you don’t, then you’re simply going to incentivize people to use their adblockers aggressively (as in blocking all ads, not just the badly intrusive ones), and that’s a cash loss to College Confidential.

@CCadmin_Jon I just clicked on the wrench icon by mistake, in my two last posts on COVID close to home. What does the wrench mean?

I still can’t figure out how to stop emails from coming to me when someone posts into a forum I’m tracking.

Or rather, I must have figured it out at one point, but newly tracked (newly bookmarked? can’t really tell which) fora are sending me emails. So where the heck is the setting that I apparently accidentally found once but now can’t find on purpose?

p.s. Setting fora to “tracking” after spending 4 minutes there? That’s a silly default, at best.

It brings up a feature for changing the status of your post to what’s called “Wiki mode”. We’ve decided to disable that feature for the moment since it’s not compatible with the way we use the forums. (It could come back later if and when we have a use case for it. But that’s not on any roadmap or a priority at all.) You shouldn’t see the wrench on your posts in the future.

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Even though there are some growing pains I do think this was a nice upgrade so thank you for that. However for the last week or so this is almost unusable on my chrome book. On my iPhone everything is still fine. I’ve closed out and opened back up and that fixes it for just a little bit and then the problem comes up again I already have an ad blocker on so it’s not an ad causing the problem. Everything freezes up and I can’t scroll. Then after a bit of a wait it will scroll for a little bit and then stop again.

I think you’re doing a good job on the big things but these little things are what makes it not usable and makes people want to leave.

Also are old personal messages ever coming back or are those just lost forever?

That’s exactly what I experienced. On @CCadminMike ’s suggestion I changed to the Light theme (in Preferences). Performance has been fine since.