Centre Class of 2018 Early Action

<p>Did anyone else apply EA? Do you know when the admissions decisions will be mailed?</p>

<p>Yes! Are they mailed or e-mailed?</p>

<p>Results are out via mail.</p>

<p>Boo! Looking forward. Centre is a Top 3 and I’d have a great opportunity to play baseball there</p>

<p>Got a letter today with a Centre Award for $13k annually! Very excited</p>

<p>My folder came today-- $21.5k annual award! Woohoo</p>

<p>could you post stats? curious about their merit/need aid? Thanks</p>

<p>I don’t think I will be attending (I have gotten better scholarship packages at a couple of similar LACs) but the decision will be difficult.</p>

<p>Decision: Accepted with 21.5k annual award (Faculty Award) (not eligible for FA).</p>

<p>4.0 uw GPA, 4.14 w, 2390 SAT (800/800/790W), NMSF.</p>

<p>3 AP classes, 5s on all exams. Mostly honors coursework, 3 additional APs this year.</p>

<p>Solid but not extraordinary ECs-- lots of involvement in competitive speech (speech team captain) with regional awards, debate team with some awards, ~200 hours of volunteer work with local nonprofit. I also work ~5 hours a week as a peer tutor.</p>

<p>I’ll post as well!</p>

<p>3.0 UW/3.6 W at top PA private school
30 ACT, 1360/1600 SAT
8 APs/IBs
Very very unique, advanced ECs/good essay</p>

<p>Also was a baseball recruit and demonstrated a lot of interest thru recruitment. I thought it’d get in but suprised with the scholarship given my GPA!</p>

warriordaughter-you sound a lot like my D. do you mind telling me what other LAC’s you applied to and their decisions. Most interested in the merit aid decisions. Were/are you considered for the Browns Fellow?</p>

<p>Isaelijohjac-- I will send you a PM.</p>

barbecuelife, did you end up attending Centre & playing baseball for them? how much merit aid did they offer you, and has Centre offered you that merit aid in subsequent years? are you happy at Centre?! hoping so!