Hey guys, I am a junior and I am trying to decide my college list. I really like Baylor and University of Miami and their biology programs (not premed) and I was wondering If I had a chance for either of them.

Keep in mind I attend a top ten rated hs in cali.
GPA(UW): 3.3
(w): 3.6

SAT: 1420
Reading and Writing: 680

SAT Subject Tests
Math 2: 780
Bio: 760

Great extracurriculars
-Director of non profit educational group that teaches in libraries
-Varsity Captain for four season (track and xc for junior and senior years)
-Interned at Medical Clinic throughout sophomore and junior year
-Spent Summer as intern at Stanford Research lab

I believe your SAT scores and extracurriculars(internship at Stanford! Kudos to you!) are between average and strong for Baylor. I’m only saying average because your gpa is pretty low. Otherwise, everything else makes you a strong applicant for Baylor. I’d advise you to apply for the Early Decision/Action application for Baylor since the majority of applicants admitted to Baylor apply ED/EA! Early decision is binding while early action is non-binding. Keep up the good work and I wish you the best in your application process!