Chance Me Decent Student + Which College is best for ED

Demographics: Indian, Male, California Private School, upper middle class

Intended Major (s): Business, Econ, Finance (depending on the school)

GPA UW:3.95 (1 B+ on a summer course) W: 4.4ish?

SAT: 1470, higher on practice tests, shooting for a 1530+

APs (junior): AP Calc AB, APUSH, AP Bio, AP Lang, AP Comp Sci
(scores pending)
APs (senior): Planning to take 6 APs

College Classes:
2 Dual Enrollment classes in sophomore year

Honestly, nothing interesting
AP Scholar stuff, Honors Society, GPA Awards and some subject awards

I pour most of my out-of-school time into 3 ECs

Founded a non-profit dedicated to spreading finance knowledge across the globe (I pour a ton of time into this)

Founded a business and investment club which features an in-house fund, went to a competition at a local college (won) (I pour a ton into this as well)

Unpaid intern at a local consulting firm which requires extensive excel and other technical skills, currently helping the firm a ton with improving effectiveness of client communication (and a ton into this)

Recreational Tennis
CompSci Club Sophomore year
Theatre freshman year
(Now defunct) business club freshman year

My school is pretty small so things like debate or olympiads are completely out of scope

Was homeschooled and took online classes sophomore year to take care of sick mother
Weekly community service at church
I believe I could crush it in the essay section, not sure about letters of recommendation

Colleges I would like to apply to (undecided on which to ED)
Georgetown, NYU, Notre Dame, UMich, UVA, Williams, UCB, Middlebury, UNC, Indiana University, UT Austin, UCLA, Emory, Boston College (most likely ED so far, as well as what I see as my best match and fit), Villanova


I don’t like the premise - which should I apply ED?

The answer to the question is:

  1. Which can you afford? Have you run the net price calculator?

  2. Which do you want to go to?

You point out BC - so you’ve answered your own question. Just make sure you can afford it.

You’re likely in there, IU, Nova, and maybe Emory - and you have a shot at the others but if I had to guess, will be a no at UVA, UNV and UT Austin.

You can figure out your UC GPA to see how you’ll do there and they won’t take your test score.

See if you can afford BC, and if your parents want to afford it.

If money is an issue, you have wonderful low cost opportunities such as Arizona, ASU, Florida State, Miami Ohio, Florida, etc.

I know that we should be able to afford BC, I have discussed it with my parents. I guessed my chances would be pretty slim at the OOS schools, and probably the same with most of the privates, another reason why I think BC would be the best choice. I’ve also done a lot of research into their teaching styles and methodologies which is why I believe I could connect well with the “why us” essay. Thanks for the response + confirming my conclusions.

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I would skip UNC and UVA because your chances are slim as an OOS. If you are OK with UCLA, why not look at Berkeley Haas? They have a strong business program there and I’ve see kids get in with stats slightly lower than yours.

Notre Dame is a very good school in a not-so-good location. You have to bring your SAT up in October to stand a legit chance. You can boost your chances by applying ED.

Middlebury is also a great school but not discussed much here. You should try it if you don’t mind it being small and liberal.

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So - if you can afford it (I’m assuming without aid), you should go see it, talk to people - it’s great you’ve researched but until you touch it, you can’t know.

Also, your reason for applying to BC is not a good reason to apply ED - because you think you won’t get into others.

You should apply ED to the school you want to go to!! If you’re not 100% sold, I would not apply ED.

If you think you won’t get in to the others, why apply to them? You will definitely get into IU and likely Kelley. And Nova.

You have such an eclectic mix - I’d figure out - what do you really want - size, location, etc. Middlebury and Michigan - tiny in the middle of nowhere vs. huge in the midst of action.

I have a brother at Berkeley, similar stats but had a strong SAT he could submit (1530). I’d say its my second choice behind BC.

I’d say it is the school I 100% want go to. Any other ones that come close are Berkeley and Georgetown (which I’m also pretty slim on). My mix is based on investment banking target schools, due to me wanting to pursue finance. I really don’t mind what the school is like, but I suppose I’d prefer a “bar school” over a “party school”.

I don’t know if I would call Ann Arbor “in the midst of action”. I mean, Ann Arbor is just outside Detroit, but I don’t know if what is happening in Detroit can be termed “action”.

It takes longer to get from Ann Arbor to Chicago than it takes to get from Middlebury to Boston.

I apologize to all Michiganders here…

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Yes, but Ann Arbor is a cool college town with lots going on. And the school is huge.

Middlebury is in a small town - a fine town - but small and different than Ann Arbor.

For Berkeley, if it is your second choice, your SAT won’t matter as UCs are test blind. Among the others, I’d say Villanova and BC are your most likely admits (other than Indiana which I’m certain you’d be admitted to). I think you also have a decent chance at Middlebury and UT Austin. If BC is your clear first choice and your parents can (and are willing to) pay for it, I’d ED there.

Stats and demographic factors are in-line for acceptance at Boston College based on what I have seen in my children’s private high school. I’d go for it ED, it would be an excellent springboard into finance.

Maybe I missed it but what are your safety schools? Your list has some likelies but could be expensive. I’m assuming a few more UC’s?

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Indiana is a safety school for someone with their stats. Also even OOS not that bad as far as affordability

Agree a probable safety and direct admit but OP doesn’t have a test score yet and didn’t say parents are ok with paying $50k+ year for OOS at Kelley. Does OP want to attend a business school with 8,000 other undergrads?

OP has a wide mix of schools. He needs to figure out what he’s specifically looking for in a school. Some of these aren’t direct admit. Something else to consider.

If you like BC maybe add Fordham.

If investment banking is your ultimate goal, then know that the college which you matriculate at matters a great deal in IB placement. Generally the higher ranked the better (= target). The list of target schools varies by bank. There are some surprising colleges who are targets on a regional level, but not on a national level (SMU). There are even subtle gradations within the targets (super, target, semi).

You can still get into IB without going to a target school, but its much harder.

The world is also changing and the banks are moving - and as they move, their lists of schools may change. Hello U of TN / Belmont / MTSU for example as banking moves to the state. Same for UNCC, etc. And no I’m not suggesting they will go to MTSU over Vandy…or to their original lists - but you will see some just like you see some NYC area colleges represented on Wall Street outside the NYUs/Columbias, etc.

They will hire locally - it’s good for them - especially where they got incentive packages to come.

The UC’s don’t have ED nor EA.

Find some safeties.

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And it is truly in the middle of nowhere. Or, to be more accurate, you take a flight to the middle of nowhere, and then drive for another 45 minutes…